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Technological change has been one of the biggest influences on industry in the last 30 years. Changes have occurred with automation, the use of information technology, improved materials and the use of robots. These have all allowed the level of production to increase without costs increasing at the same rate.

A more negative way that businesses have been increasing their productivity in recent years has been by downsizing. The main focus has been to reduce labour costs by high levels of redundancies all through a business. In the UK the privatised industries such as the Lattice Group (Formerly British Gas) and BT have been major downsizers, as have the banks. Both manual workers and managerial staff have suffered from downsizing. Even where jobs have been maintained or created, many have become temporary rather than permanent, or part time rather than full time.

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The figures show that redundancies in manufacturing dropped but are now higher than they have been since before 1992. These changes have taken place because the companies have all started to use automation. I think that according to the information on the table redundancies have dropped consistently but the table doesn’t really give enough information to make a fair judgement.I am basing my I.T. project on creating a website which displays information about taking the subject Business Studies at Woodbridge School. My purpose is to produce an effective website, which is eye-catching and simple to use. I am creating these pages on Microsoft Front Page – a website editor/creator. It will show a general outlook on business studies, GCSE business studies course, AS and A2 level Business Studies course and Business Studies lessons at Woodbridge School.

I collected my information from the business studies teachers at Woodbridge School, 6th form booklets from Woodbridge School, GCSE booklets from Woodbridge School, and from the website I gathered up all my information and read through it all. I highlighted the relevant information, and planned which pages it should go on. The booklets I collected from Woodbridge School were extremely useful, they covered a lot of what business studies is like, and what your expected to do and learn. Miss Piper (My Business Studies teacher) also provided a lot of useful information of what business studies lessons at Woodbridge School are like. displayed good information on each part of the business studies syllabus, and what was required in coursework, and the units of assessment. I checked through each source of information to check whether it was copyrighted. This is important as you could be breaking in laws by publishing other people’s work without permission. I made sure I asked each source by talking to them, or e-mailing them, checking if it was okay to use their information. Everything from was copied and pasted in the website, and the images used were taken using a digital camera, and saved as a jpeg file on the computer. The Woodbridge School shield gif was taken from the school website which is at

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