Information System’s Development

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System Owner’ view -Interested not In raw data bit In Information that adds new business knowledge and Information that help managers make Intelligent decisions. -business entitles and business rules System users’ view -View data as something recorded on forms, stored In file cabinets, recorded In books ND binders, organized Into spreadsheets or stored In computer files and databases. -tend to focus on the business Issues as they pertain to the data. -data requirement- a representation of users’ data In terms of entitles, attributes relationships and rules Independent of data technology.

System designers’ view -data structures, data schemas, fields, Indexes and constraints of particular database management system. System builders’ view -SQL -DB’S or other data technologies. System Owner’s view Views of process (continued) * System designers’ view -concerned with which processes to automate and how to automate them – unstrained by limitations of application development technologies being used. – Software specification- the technical design of business processes to be automated or supported by computer programs to be written by system builders. * System builders’ view -concerned with programming logic that implements automated processes.

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