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Underneath the paragraph in emboldened, black, san-serif font is “The new Audi A4.” This is a very simple statement, which informs the reader of the make and model of the car. It is positioned in the bottom right hand side of page, which is on the right side of the double page spread. This is because if the reader is not particularly interested in the advert and only glances at the page, then, “The new Audi A4” is the last piece of text that the reader will see on the page and so will stay in their mind.

In the top right hand corner of the right side of the double page spread the name of the manufacturer of the car, Audi, is shown. It is in red san-serif print with a font style unique to Audi and is positioned under the four-ring symbol of Audi. The four rings are in a silver colour and are given a modern three-dimensional look, which gives an impression of similarities to metal and a likeness to the car advertised which is also in silver.

Silver, or metallic grey, is also one of the most popular colours of car purchased in the UK, and that is probably why the colour of the car advertised is in silver, although the car will be available in a variety of different colours. The symbol contrasts to the writing directly under it, this makes both the text and Audi symbol stand out more. Also, both the symbol and the text stand out on the musty yellow background because they are both extreme contrasting colours to the background.

In the centre of the left side of the double page spread is a figure, consisting of parts of the Audi A4’s chaise, engine and interior, which has the purpose of depicting a person on a pair of skis, holding ski poles and wearing a scarf. This picture has the sole purpose of interesting a potential buyer scrolling through a magazine, because it is unusual, imaginative and interesting. It will also keep the reader on this page while they figure out what parts of the car have been used to symbolise parts of the skier, his clothing and skis.

This means that when the reader has finished their interest in the ski figure then they may look at the main focus of this advertisement; the picture of the car, and then read through the advert and information about the car itself. This is an inventive, innovative and highly original advert although it uses the same technique that quite a lot of companies use to sell their products. The reader is drawn to the advert by an object of interest, which is not the main focus of the advert at all, and then reads on to notice the product itself. Audi use this same method of advertising for another advert for the Audi A4 that also has a figure made out of parts of the car, this time of a kangaroo carrying a baby kangaroo in its pouch.

In the figure of the skier, the main feature advertised in this advert, the Audi A4’s ‘Multitronic gearbox,’ forms the main lower legs of the skier and is the largest object in the figure, and so attracts the reader. The reader then goes on to read about the multitronic gearbox in the information on the advert. The rear view mirror is used to represent the eyes of the skier, which is symbolic to real life, as the rear view is used to see; it extends vision.

The seat belt of the car is used to represent the scarf that the skier is wearing and is also symbolic as a scarf and seat belt are both used for protection, although for different protective purposes. A scarf is used to protect your neck from the cold and a seatbelt is used to protect your body in the event of a crash. An enlarged spark plug is used to represent the upper body of the skier. This presents a likeness to the heart, which is in the upper body, because the body couldn’t function without a heart, much like a car couldn’t function without spark plugs. The knees of the skier are represented by cogs from the engine of the car. Cogs are similar to kneecaps as they join two elements of the engine and allow them to move either side of it; much like a new allows the upper and lower leg to move either side of each other.

The main focus of the advert, the ‘Multitronic gearbox’ forms the lower legs of the skier. This as with previously mentioned items from the car is highly symbolic to the human limbs it represents as a gearbox is used to determine whether a car goes forward or backwards and it controls the speed. This presents a likeness to the legs of a person because, as with a gearbox and the car, the legs control whether a person moves forward or backward, and also controls the speed a person travels at, again like the gearbox for a car.

The head of the skier is represented by the steering wheel of the car, which again is highly symbolic as the steering wheel has control over the actions of the car, as the brain inside the head of a human controls their actions. This statement is also a circle of events because a steering wheel needs a human with a brain to operate it in the first place, so that may be where the link between the steering wheel and head comes from.

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