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Scuba diving no doubt is one of the most exciting and adventurous sport. Initially it was discovered that the problem of breathing underwater was a complex one. The problem of ambient pressure that is the pressure acting on a diver compresses the chest and the lungs, this makes it difficult to breathe. As one descents in depth the weight of the water increases putting pressure on you. The ambient pressure is regulated by the demand values. They supply the exact amount of oxygen at a given pressure which makes it easier for the divers to breathe.

The normal air consists of 78% of nitrogen, 21% of oxygen and 1% of other gases. This is some how suitable for most of the scuba drivers, but whenever extra deep dives are to be made different mixtures of gas are required. One of the gases is Nitrox. In order to keep the nitrogen levels in control in the blood stream nitrox is used.

At extreme pressure the behavior of gases inside the body is bound to change. When thinking about breathing under water every scuba driver must keep in mind the dangers related to scuba driving. One of such dangers is nitrogen narcosis that can occur at any depth. The effects of nitrogen narcosis can be deadly and at the same time are hard to recognize. Any diver’s sudden irrational and foolish behavior is one of its effect . This is quite similar to being drunk as the diver may feel relaxed initially but is being oblivious to danger. Divers can even be stricken with exhausting paranoia in extreme cases that is being scared of moving from there place. The personal history of the scuba drivers involved has a vital say in the effects of nitrogen narcosis.

Fortunately this is easily curable as it can be cured by returning to the shallow side for a while. Divers need to be extra vigilant in case of diving in rex or at great depth. The chances of suffering an attack can be reduced by proper training and by avoiding drinks and drugs before a dive.

Ascending of the driver from depth too rapidly is known as “the bends”. It is decompression sickness. Bubbles of nitrogen and other inert gases are formed in the blood stream which causes pain in the joint areas and effects even the shoulders most commonly. The bubbles formed in the blood streams which restrict the flow of blood to the brain can cause severe bends which may ultimately lead to death.

Decompression sickness can be easily avoided by careful planning. Administering oxygen in a few cases and stint in a hyperbaric chamber are the ways in which it can be treated.

Surprisingly even too much of oxygen can be bad for ones health. Breathing in a high concentration of gas and at the same time being under high pressure can lead to oxygen toxity. This generally occurs during deep dives. This can prove to be very dangerous as the body can in no way detect that how much quantity of oxygen is too much oxygen.

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