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The biggest event in the RFC industry in 2014 must be Riff’s takeover on Truing. Truing suffered consecutive losses in 2012-2013; in IQ 2014, its revenue fell by 3. 6% year on year, and its operating margin was negative 1 1. 3% (negative 18. 8% in the same period of previous year, negative 3. 2 % in the fourth quarter of previous year). The company’s losses were mainly attributed to the aggressive capacity expansion (as ouch as seven manufacturing centers) before 2011 and excessive expectations.

Additionally, Truing showed serious dependence on large customers, particularly 57% of its revenue came from Apple. On the contrary, RFM Just went out of its predicament. RFM placed undue reliance on its client MONIKA in its early years, but it witnessed poor performance in 2011-2012 under the impact of MONIKA. However, RFM recovered in 2013 and its operating revenue increased substantially. RFM took a fancy to Trinity’s ABA technology. 2014 Global RFC Industry Analysis and Trend(ZIT, RFM) By democracies

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