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My Business would be in the tertiary sector as I will be selling the complete product. There will be various job roles within my business. I will be the manager. My job role will be too overlook the running of the business and make sure it is running smoothly. I will also be in charge of what products need to be ordered, and I will have control over all the other employers. There would be a mechanic who would take out all the repairs and upgrades to the bikes in the shop.

There would also be at least another person to stock the shelves, work at the till and ensure that the internet site is up to date, and occasionally clean the store once it is closed. All these are of course just first judgments, but if the store were to expand, then I would have to employ more people, in order to keep up to the customers needs. I will not sell an individual product as such, but I would like to specialize in wheels and brakes. I will use a variety of manufacturers to in order to create the correct wheel for each particular customer.

I will advertise my product in a vast range of forms, which may include; various mountain bike magazines, mountain bike related web-sites and in local papers. I would ideally hope to sell my products to a range of people from amateur cyclists to professional cyclists. I will locate my business as close as possible to the centre of Cardiff, as this city is lacking in a decent bike shop. However, there is already two in Cardiff, although none of them offer a wide range of bicycles and services; they just sell very cheap basic bikes that are often very unreliable and impossible to upgrade.

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