Indianapolis Motor Speedway will repave infield section of MotoGP

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The Indianapolis Motor Speedway shows its commitment to hold on to the MotoGP races on the schedule by announcing the repaving of the MotoGP infield section. This is in advance planning for the Indianapolis MotoGP race by Red Bull set the 26th to the 28th of August.

This repaving will cover 1-1/2 miles of the race track beginning at Turn 5 all the way to Turn 16.

This will be the first opportunity for this portion of the course to be resurfaced ever since its construction back in 2000, which had been intended for the auto racing Formula One event from 2000 to 2007. From that time, the circuit has experienced much patching for the upheavals and cracks on its surface, largely because of the snows during winter that hit the area every year.

At the latest MotoGP race, this circuit was heavily criticized by several riders for the inconsistent and uneven surface.

Casey Stoner, upon coming back following a two-year break due to serious lactose intolerance, commented that the organizers needed to thin about a big part of the circuit.

“It has got worse [on bumps],” he said, describing it as not really a circuit out of which anyone could push the limits. He even went on to say that it did not seem to be a world-class circuit.

He believed at least 70% of the circuit track needed to be resurfaced.

Stoner also pointed out how Ben Spies reportedly fell on one of the bumps on the track at practice, on some very bad bumps.

Spies agreed that the track had many bumps, describing it as a tricky circuit.

In addition to the bumps, the covers for the water drainage placed near the track edge was also part of the criticism, on which Nicky Hayden reportedly caught his knee slider during a race.

Hayden explained how he had needed to take the bike really steady after having his knee catch on a drain cover, and ended the race with a large hole in his “leathers.”

The repaving of the portion of Turn 1 up to Turn 4 part of the 2.6-mile race track is expected to be finished by June’s month-end.

Senior vice president for IMS operations, Mel Harder, said that this project was a demonstration of how the IMS would provide its players the best racing track in the whole world.

He admitted that the long and hard winter worsened the situation of the race track, but the repaved surface will make the racing even more exciting for the best riders in the world for this August’s match.

Despite that, though, speculations still abound about the possibility that the Indianapolis round of the MotoGP will continue after this year, as the race has experienced a progressive slowdown in attendance for the last three years. The IMS only bargained for another year’s extension to the contract of hosting the 2011 race, and did not sign a renewal for several years.

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