Independence Day and Minority Report

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On the cover of Independence Day, is a huge space ship taking up approximately 66% of the front cover. This is a big indication that it is a science fiction film. The space ship has a laser beam firing down to the house. The white house is an icon of America, this means that America is under attack in this film. The cover also tells the story this means it is a narrative cover.

Independence Day is wrote in bold clear writing, the writing could be called futuristic because of the a in day, this is also a very important day to America. ID4 wrote above Independence Day on the cover means, I= Independence, D= Day, 4= 4th July. 12 on the cover shows there might be violence, drugs and is only suitable for 12 years of age and over.

You can tell the film is over a year old because of the 12 is now a 12a, which means if the child is occupied by an adult they can watch the film if there parents think it is suitable enough to watch at there age. THX, big company, shows that film is high Quality and has been digitally re-mastered.

The camera angle on the white house is very well set up, it’s drawing everything to the white house. The camera is positioned behind some bushes and the white house is in a gap of the bushes. If you look at the spaceship you have to look at what it is attacking. The cover shows the story (narrative cover), so if you look at the cover it is trying to make you buy/rent it because you want to see why the white house is being attacked by aliens.

Ryan Knights

Media Essay (Draft)

The colours blue and yellow are becoming very science fiction colours and this cover has yellow where the fire is bulging out of the white house, and the space ship is a couple of shades of blue. Most of the cover is blue and yellow on this cover. This film is classed as historical because it’s over 5 years old.

On the cover on Minority Report is Tom Cruise (main actor), he is standing in front of a pre-crime badge. This cover is a character cover; it is trying to sell the film due to the actors that are in it. The pre-crime badge is the only give away to the type of film it is (science fiction) but it is only vague.

The colours blue and yellow help emphasise the sci-fi narrative. On the top of the cover is Tom Cruise written in bold writing, this would be the first thing you look at, this also help sell the film. Spielberg film, this again is to sell the film due to the director. The cover is pretty bland but has got two big names on it.

Similarities, the colours blue and yellow are used in both covers. Bold clear writing helps emphasise actors, directors and the name of the film. Both stand out and are appealing to there set audience. Both are sci-fi narratives but Independence Day shows it more. They are both appealing to the same audience 12 and up.

Differences, one is a character cover where as the other is a narrative cover. Independence Day has a very sci-fi cover with lasers, aliens spaceships where as minority Report has very little sci-fi content on its cover. More differences are Independence Day has a company logo in the bottom left corner where as Minority Report has no company logo’s on the front cover.

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