Increasing sales revenue and profits

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Sales revenue and profits are always a good sign of a successful business and with the profits made new stores in more locations can be built, or old stores can be expanded to stock more items.. Also a wider range of products can be sold and with the extra money the business can take a few investment risks. Helping to increase market share- Market share is a good way to prove to your potential customers that you are in fact better than most other business, this is of course only the case if have achieved a high market share in the first place.

Improving the businesses image and reputation- As with all good reputations, whether within a business or a person comes fame and popularity with other people. This means that a business with a good reputation will find it a lot easier to retain and expand on the number of customers currently buying their products than a business with a bad reputation. We, as customers are always looking for the bigger better picture and usually we look first in shops that look like they make good money and quite often we would buy it there first anyway so image is very important.

How richer sounds meet their customer expectations Good value products- This requires doing a lot of market research as richer sounds customers are expecting cheap prices whenever they can get it. This means that they will have to spend a lot of time going on the internet and into warehouses to find out where they can bulk buy the cheapest products, to keep their selling on prices low. Rapid response to enquiries- Keeping response times quick to all inquires, from over the phone or on the desks is very important as this could make the difference between a sale and a loss of a valuable customer. To do this they may have a whole team specialising in enquires only and a separate teams for income phone calls or e-mails.

Clear honest information- No customer wants to shop in the store in which the signs have been deliberately set out to wrong foot the customer or to send them down the wrong path in to think that a product is cheaper then what it really is. So they need to periodically check all; sale signs encase an old sign has been left out by accident misleading the consumer.  Information about suitable products- This would require well trained staff in a certain area of product ranges to increase the knowledge that the customer will receive, and to be able to choose the exact match for an individual customers needs.

Help with individual or general issues- Again this would also require specifically trained staff to be able to tend to individual needs, but for the customers general inquires, it would be recommended to give them the basic information on all areas and set up a certain area with a networked computer ready to lend a hand on more complicated matters. Care and Attention- This may entail employing more experienced, and self controlled staff who can control their emotion under the most pressing of circumstances and will not jump out shouting, or start talking down to the customer, making them feel unwanted and not cared about. This may lead to the loss of valuable custom.

After-sales service- This is extremely important as dealing with repairs or faulty goods in an improper manner could lead to an angry customer, so it requires a trusting trained employee who knows all the details on the particular businesses money back or any other guarantees or warrantees. Consumer protection Consumer protection legislation is a group of laws passed to protect consumers from unfair practices by businesses. There are a number of laws or acts, as they are more commonly known, passed in each section.

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