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To start off there is a long shot of a street with terraced houses with cars outside. There is an old Ford Capri car parked down the street near two trees which is one of the main points for the advert. Then there is a scene which is looking out of a window at the old and rusty car. There is a woman at the same time talking in a Scottish accent. ‘Fi and Mark had such a lovely holiday…..’ This is mentioning about their holiday and that they got it cheap.

The camera goes to inside the kitchen window and the man is looking at the car. He says ‘It needs a bit more work’ The camera goes onto a long shot of a messy, but quite pleasant and a cluttered kitchen and it is filled with ordinary things and a dice saying’ I My Car!’. After a bit of speaking to each other the woman says to her husband ‘John, We are supposed to be saving money’. So this means they cant both afford a brand new car and also a holiday can they??

The next scene is a very bright office which is quite busy and there are several people working at desks with headsets on and scattered about are Scottish power signs. The Lady from the first scene says ‘Hello, Scottish power. How can I help you?’ This person whom she is talking to is her husband. There is a shot at him which is a medium shot and he is wearing a green shirt and tie and also a wedding ring, so we realize that they are a married couple. He is on the phone and says ‘Kay, Its me here……..’ He goes on about saving money with Scottish power and then all of a sudden there is a close up shot of the postcards on her desk which are of her friends holiday and then they morph into his old car to show you that all he thinks about is that.

He says ‘Well, we are saving money’ And his wife says ‘Yes’ in a sarcastic sort of way. John says ‘Well we are saving money’ This phrase is used to win the argument-Proving they’ll provide cheap bills so that you can go on holiday and do up your car. The woman looks annoyed but jokingly about this and she is nodding her head. There is a close up shot of the Scottish power logo and it says at the side of it ‘We Cant Help But Help!’ And she is laughing. They are trying to make you choose Scottish Power and they supply cheap prices for. They are aiming for couples about 20-30 years old and also a middle income group.

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