In what ways has technology expanded or limited the acquisition of knowledge

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Since the beginning of time, humans have been developing their ways of living to make it easier, more enjoyable and more entertaining. We can see a difference between the way that we live now in the twentieth century, and the way that we lived back in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Today, we enjoy aspects of life thanks to the introduction of technology, the most efficient introduction being the computer seeing that two in every three houses have a computer. Without the availability of computers, we would be finished as we rely on them in many aspects of our everyday lives.

Without the technology that was discovered, we would not be able to write our essays or have things like ATM’s and so on. The next thing that has to be covered here are the methods of acquiring knowledge in our present time. Those are quite simple. The first method of acquiring knowledge is reading. Reading books, newspapers, articles, magazines and so on helps us increase our knowledge. Other methods include watching, listening, learning and seeking. All these methods of acquiring knowledge have either improved or have been limited through the use of technology.

The second method, watching, is helpful when there is an experiment for example, and the outcome of the experiment is useful, making watching a very good method of acquiring the knowledge. Listening is also a very important method of acquiring knowledge, without listening and hearing, we would not be able to be able to take notes of all the important lectures given in class for history, English and so on. Learning also is a method of gaining knowledge, our desire to learn is what makes us gain knowledge in the first place.

Seeking knowledge falls under the category of learning. Seeking the knowledge is to want to learn, it is going after knowledge no matter where it may be. Another important aspect to be discussed is the expansion of the acquisition of knowledge. The first method of gaining knowledge that I mentioned, was reading. Technology expanded reading through the internet. It uses the ability to create web-sites to post more ideas, columns, articles, books, passages, essays and information to send out the information to the people so they can read it.

This is a really useful method to allow us to read the information online. Another way that technology has helped us to acquire knowledge through readings is the massive printing presses. Even without the use of the internet, we are now able to print more books and more magazines so that there are enough copies to go around. The next method is watching and analysis. Of course, the most obvious way technology helped for watching is by the invention of the television. Read about reasons for acquiring hostages include publicity

We are now able to watch educational programs on television allowing us to gain this knowledge; we can also tape the episodes so that we have future reference to the programs so that we can watch them whenever we need to. Also, the use of a camera for example can also allow us to tape a certain experiment or demonstration to refer to it for future reference. If one; for example, has a certain biology project about animals, and he has to do research on the project, he can watch a documentary to gain some knowledge on his topic and then he can do his project.

Now we come to learning. Learning is an indirect method of gaining knowledge. Learning is done through schools and certain centers and institutions. Through the advancements of technology, we now have more efficient systems of education that allow better acquisition of knowledge. These systems include the uses of computers, laptops. Mass production of them is done by machines that have been programmed by other programs. The more the efficiency, the more knowledge one can gain. Listening is also a way that people gain knowledge.

The same thing applies here over and over again. Technology is helping this method in a similar way to the watching method, which is by creating hearing for those people who can’t hear properly to hear better, created speakers, microphones and so on so we can broadcast information on the radio, on the television and so on. Listening and watching come together really to give the message in a clear and precise manner. Without sound, we can’t watch, without watching, we can’t hear or understand what we are hearing.

The remaining method to acquire knowledge, is seeking the knowledge. This method falls directly under all the methods mentioned above. Without seeking knowledge, we wouldn’t be able to learn at all. Technology has improved this method by enhancing the methods of transportation; it would have been hard long ago to go to a university far away. Thanks to the advancements of technology and the invention of the aeroplane, we can now get to any university anywhere in the world.

We have now seen how technology has expanded the acquisition of knowledge but we also have to talk about how it limited the acquisition of it. The first method again, was reading. Now I mentioned that the internet has increased the acquisition of knowledge, but there is one problem which is the authenticity of the information that is available on the internet. If the information that was on the internet is not authentic and for example sceptical, then it is not really knowledge to begin with. The next method that I have mentioned that has limited knowledge acquisition would be watching.

It is true that the television can give us information through the news for example, but this information may not be true for one of the following reasons. Either the news is biased and totally sceptical, or it is just created because the people reporting are doing so because they want a story to write about. So the whole idea is not to trust everything you see. The last method of acquiring knowledge that is limited by technology is listening, similarly to watching, we have to watch out that all the things we hear are not necessarily true so that does not make it knowledge.

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