In Mrs Tilscher’s class

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“In Mrs Tilscher’s class” is a poem about a wonderful teacher who makes the pupils in her class feel like “Mrs Tilscher” loved you. This allows the reader to get a good idea of “In Mrs Tilscher’s” that she is very loving towards her pupils. The poet Duffy uses very short, snappy statements. It makes it very obvious to the reader that she is caring and doesn’t let the pupils get unhappy. “Mrs Tilscher” “chanted the scenery,” through the use of language, the reader can visualize the image of the teacher reading out the names of the countries.

She is reading it like if she is singing it to a baby. This shows the reader that she isn’t saying the countries boringly; she makes it interesting by singing it. It is obvious that the teacher wanted to praise the children and make them feel secure, “this was better than home. ” In her class the children felt happy and safe. This tells the reader that she is not a boring teacher, she is enthusiastic and she puts a lot of stuff like books to read. “In Mrs Tilscher’s class” there are a lot of “enthralling books” everywhere in the classroom.

This tells the reader that Mrs Tilscher is a kind teacher who puts out exciting books for the children to read instead of boring books that are for babies and the children don’t like to read. It also tells the reader that Mrs Tilscher wants her pupils to learn and get good ideas from the book and use it in their own poems that they do in school or at home. A simile is used to describe the classroom, “glowed like a sweet shop. ” The poet has chosen to compare a class and a “sweet shop” because the class was full of bright colours.

The feeling is almost like you are sucking a lolly. It reminds the reader of happy Memories. A metaphor is used to describe the “skittle of milk. ” I think that this is because the poet wanted to remind us of the games played during childhood. The reader also wanted to remind us that the children used to drink milk when they went to school and wanted to describe the shape of the milk bottle. The poet Duffy has used the words “sugar paper. Coloured shapes” to speed up the poem and to show that there was a lot going on.

This tells the reader that “Mrs Tilscher” is not boring; she makes the room interesting for the children. Personification is used to describe “xylophone’s nonsense heard from another form. ” This tells the reader that it was very noisy not the kind of music that you would expect to hear from a “xylophone. ” The poet uses the words “feverish July” to show the reader that it is very hot by using the sentence “the air tasted of electricity. ” The poet uses very good description and it creates an image of the hotness being the same temperature as the electricity.

The children fit in to there surroundings which looked like a “sweet shop” decorated with “sugar paper. Coloured shapes” because children love sweets and their classroom looked like a “sweet shop” because of all the decoration. The teacher fits into her surroundings which look likes in Egypt with the “Blue Nile” and “the chalky Pyramids rubbed into dust” because the teacher was teaching the pupils about Egypt. The “rough boy” fits into his surroundings on the playground trying to scare other pupils by telling them how you were born.

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