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I am studying a business called McDonalds. It is a franchise in Corby, Northamptonshire. A man called Mark Richards owns the franchise. He started as a crewmember, and worked his way up. He has been there for nearly 11 years. The franchise cost over 200,000 pounds. Some of the franchises could cost up to 1,500,000 pounds. But Corby is not big enough for that. He has enjoyed his time even it is hard work, but things are not looking good right now. Aims and objectives at McDonalds Aims are long-term goals of the business. A business tries to achieve one or more aims.

Every company has to have aims and objectives. An aim is a long-term target that a company has to reach. An objective is little targets that add up to reach an aim. E. g. the aim is to make 10,000 more profit in a year, the objectives could be: Some of the important aims of a business could be:If all the aims and objectives are SMART there will be no reason for not achieving it. And it helps the company reach its aims. It important for McDonalds to set aims because the company needs to know where its going. Without aims and objectives they would not be able to focus on what important.

Also when you have aims, it helps the staff to know what to concentrate on. At McDonalds, they will all try to do good customer service. McDonalds is located in Corby town centre. It is located on the corner of two roads called George Street and Corporation Street near to the main taxi rank. There are many advantages to being in the town centre. 1) Bus stops and taxi ranks- when the people are going home by bus or taxi, they will have to walk past or next to McDonalds. Some people might like a small snack or food for the family as they go home.

They can also go in when the get dropped off at the town centre by bus or taxi. 2) Main road- a lot of cars drive past McDonalds so some of them will stop for a snack. The bright yellow logo helps people notice its there. 3) Town centre- the people are in the town centre and McDonalds is the quickest place to get food. 4) Leisure facilities- Corby has the swimming pool and the theatre next to the town centre and they are usually hungry when they come out of swimming and the first place they see is McDonalds. 5) Schools and work- people on their break from.

6) School or work might want a McDonalds for their lunch. There are also many disadvantages in being in the town centre. 1) Mental health problems- some customers have mental health problems and they cause problems in McDonalds and out side it which will drive away customers. 2) Drive thru- McDonalds does not have a drive thru. They lose many customers this way because the McDonalds in Phoenix park way has. So the McDonalds at Phoenix Park way will take away their customers. 3) Other competitors- there are a lot of other competitors around McDonalds, in the town centre of near by.

Some of the main ones are Greggs and KFC. Corby is changing in the next 5-10 years. This will affect McDonalds in many ways. 1) New homes- there is going to be 50,000 new houses built in Corby. This will affect McDonalds in a very good way. More houses means more people, more people means more customers, more customers means more profit. 2) New town centre- Corby is going to have a whole new town centre, but McDonalds is going to stay put. This will effect in both ways. When the town is built, it will attract people from Corby and other villages and towns around it.

This will have a good impact to McDonalds. But the problem is that McDonalds will have a problem to attract customers while the town centre is getting built. People wont be in Corby town centre when it is getting built. They will go elsewhere. The location of McDonalds is a good location, but because of the rude and abusive customers and the fact of not having a drive thru has got a very bad effect on it. Mark Richards (the owner) told us that McDonalds does not make much profit. But McDonalds still has good potential.

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