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“I have taken many risks in the past. I once brought a new product that was out of date, die to the 30 day policy I could return it back so from this I lost a lot of money. From the risks I have taken I have learnt form all of them. What are your team working methods? “If team working methods in the business are, properly applied, then this would help to improve quality and productivity”. Would you rather have a team of employee or a group of employees? “I think it is better having a team of employee because in a team they work together towards a common goal.

How did you build you team?

“By having the employees forming, storming, norming and performing. If they didn’t have any of these then they would not consider them self as a team”. This is a picture of the manager of the store taking money for some products. As this customer was going out I stopped her to ask her a couple of questions. Were you happy with the service? “The service was excellent; as I walked in I was greeted with a hello which made me fell happy. Also the employees of the store were very helpful. They helped my find the product that I was looking for.”

Was it easy to get around the shop? “yes, but there was little space to walk around. But overall the shop is very good.” Below is a picture of one of the employees stacking up some stock. I asked this employee some questions evolving the business and his place of work. What are you duets in the store? “I stack up all the stock and when manager is not there I serve customers”. Is your working environment good? “I have an excellent working environment. I get on with all the employees and all the customers.

How do you get motivated? “When the manager gives us extra break time and when the manager tells us what a good job we are doing.” These are pictures of the employees working as a team. Here is two of the employees working together to stack the shelves Observing On the 17th of October, I went to Khera Doaba stores and spent 2 hours there observing the store. As I was there I found out that the company worked really well as a team, better then one person doing it on there own.

As I was writing some notes down there was a customer not happy and came back to argue with the manager. The problem was that her �10 top up did not go onto her phone, so she came in asking what the problem was. As a team the two employees told her that there was a fault at the orange place. They sorted this problem out by telling her that if the money is not on by the next day then she can have her money back, the customer was happy with this and went. Also in my time at the store I found out that the employees were communicating well with the customers and they were working very hard to complete there daily goals. As I was observing I noticed that all the customers were greeted with a happy hello and a thankful good bye.

Advertising The little sheet attached to the pages is the leaflet promoting PayPal and Payzone. They also advertise by having posters in the store and having signs out side. They have PayPoint and Payzone advertisements all over the store. Advertising this helps bring customers into the store. By advertising the signs outside a customer could drive past the store and look at the signs and think “they got PayPoint lets pay out bills”. Also to help bring customers in they have posters, which are displayed on the doors and windows. Here are some pictures: Refer to appendixes for more posters. To advertise phone cards the business has poster in the door, were prices of all phone cards are displayed and how long you can talk for in what country. Please refer to appendix for posters.

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