Importance of Computer

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Today computer is playing very important role in every field of life. Many activities in daily life can be performed very easily and quickly. A lot of time is saved to solve a particular problem. Some important fields where computer are widely used are as under

1- Business

Today, in global markets, it is impossible to run the business without the use of computer technology. Many business activities are performed very quickly and efficiently by using computers. Many business use websites to sell their products and contact their customers.

2- Education

Computers are used in teaching and research. The students can solve different kinds of problems quickly and efficiently by using computers. They can also collect different information on the Internet.

3- Banks

Computers are widely used in banks for record keeping and maintaining accounts of customers. Most of the banks provide the facility of ATMs. The customers can draw money through ATM card from any branch of that bank

4- Entertainment

Nowadays, computer can be used to watch television programs on the Internet. People can also watch movies, listen music, and play games on the computer.

5- Home

At home, computer is used to maintain personal records and to access much other information on the Internet. People can also use computer at home for making home budgets etc.

6- Medical

Nearly every area of the medical field uses computers. For example, computers are used for maintaining patient history & other records. They are also used for patient monitoring and diagnosis of diseases etc. Also read the description of computer

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