Impact Of ICT On My Local Commnunity

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In this piece of ICT coursework I will write about the different ways in which ICT can help my local community. I will be writing about the impact of ICT in Ladbroke Grove. I am going to talk about Video Conferencing in the City Learning Centre (CLC), the Internet in an Internet Cafe in Ladbroke Grove and CCTV cameras in Ladbroke Grove train station.

City Learning Centre (CLC)- Video conferencing

The CLC is the City Learning Centre which has been situated in Ladbroke Grove and is mainly used for Video Conferencing. Video Conferencing is used for universities, primary schools, young centres etc. The community needs the CLC to use the video conferencing for schools and universities. This meets the community’s needs as is saves people from travelling long distances to give lessons etc.

Inside the CLC is a teaching centre which has a big whiteboard and a graphic tablet. Then there is a small room in which there is a plasma screen which is used for training for the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) which is a qualification.

The Digital Editing Pod is another room in the CLC where students from other schools go to use for music graphics. This room is also used for making and editing films with imovie which is a digital editing package. Students can also go to the digital editing pod to write songs and edit music using digital music software. Students can also get the help from professional producers and technicians in the CLC where they use video cameras and graphic tablets.

Video conferencing is used in an upstairs room in the CLC. This room contains 24 computers which are all connected to webcams, scanners and colour printers. Video conferencing is simple a more advanced type of video conferencing that people use at home on chat sites such as MSN Messenger. On these chat sites all you do is plug in your webcam and use it. With video conferencing at the CLC it is slightly different. At the CLC they used to use ISDN and then would use a remote control to type in the phone number. They got rid of ISDN because it was costing them too much, at least £300 a month. With video conferencing you can connect more than two people at the same time, each from a different part of the world. They now use an IP address to connect via the Internet. The equipment used at the CLC costs around £5000.

In video conferencing each ISDN line has an Internet speed of 128kps, four lines would then have 512kps. Using internet would also have an internet speed of 512kps, but this can be bottlenecks which can cause piscilation which means the image goes fuzzy and you cant see the picture. Bottleneck can be quite common to happen in schools. When using video conferencing in schools, all calls need to be checked for security reasons. A public IP address is used therefore it can easily leave access for hackers.

Video conferencing is based for giving talks to schools. Also an example of how a school might use video conferencing is to connect to museums so that someone can teach the students from the museum in their own classroom without either of them having to travel. Another example of how video conferencing can be used is when Golbourne used video conferencing to communicate with the SAS (the army) to learn how to jump out of a plane.

Internet Cafe- Internet

Internet cafes are a very common place for most people who like to surf the Internet. It is like a normal cafe but you have access to computers at the same time. These cafes usually offer high speed Internet and the latest computer games. Internet Cafes meet the community’s needs as it offers them access to a computer with a fast Internet connection. It also offers them a friendly environment where they can use the computer, scanners and printers.

In this piece of coursework I will be writing about “Net Time” in Ladbroke Grove. “Net Time” is opened every weekday from 9am-10pm and every weekend from 10am-12am. “Net Time” offers access to the Internet for £1 an hour.

There are 35 computers with flat screen display available to the public at “Net Time”. All PCs are connected to high quality Logitech webcams, scanners and printers. There is also help at hand for all customers who may have any problems with the computer or the Internet.

At “Net Time” they use an Intel Celeron processor followed by a 2.60ghz bullet genuine windows XP home edition with approximately (256-512mb) ddr ram and a 40 Gb hard drive. The computers have a full installation of Norton Anti Virus; this will help the business by protecting them from any viruses which could infect the computer. This is very useful in such a big business as so many people use the computers for various reasons. They also have a built in network card system followed by LAN and wireless which is needed in such a big business. This is used for supplying the computers with broadband Internet.

The Internet they use is a high-speed cable broadband Internet approximately (512 Mb or 1Gb), not DSL (phone line) mainly in case the phone line gets faulty, and that would cause the Internet to stop working. They also use a broadband router to supply all the other computers with Internet by using LAN cards and not wireless, this is because for such a big business LAN is more powerful.

The printer that they use at “Net Time” is a Lexmark Z735 desktop printer. This printer is supposed to print both in black and white and in colour but recently the printer has stopped printing in colour so the customers have to print all documents in black and white. This printer is easy to use and has a compact, space saving design. It has a print resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi and can print up to 15pages per minute in either black and white or in colour. To print a document at “Net Time” it will cost the customer 25p per page. This is quite expensive and there have been many customer complaints regarding the cost of each page to print.

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