Identifying Training Needs

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This unit offers an insight into professional development and training within the context of a changing business environment. You will explore the training needs of employees and identify how these relate to meeting organisational objectives. You will conduct an in depth investigation into one organisation to identify the methods used in professional staff development and suggest ways to develop training within organisations. IMPORTANT Resubmission When you resubmit your assignment, you MUST ensure that you TRACK YOUR CHANGES by pressing Ctrl + Shift+ E, or go to Tools, and Track changes.

Plagiarism will result in the assignment not being accepted and marked Scenario You have been asked to conduct a training needs analysis of a selected organisation and present this in a formal report. To do this you will need to select a business that you are familiar with, either one you work in or you have knowledge of. Terms of Reference I have been asked to conduct a training needs analysis of Easy Group Plc

Background to the business: The easyGroup is the private investment vehicle of Stelios, the serial entrepreneur. The easyGroup is the owner of the easy brand and licenses it to all of the easy branded businesses, including easyJet plc, the airline Stelios started in 1995 and in which he remains the largest single shareholder. The easy brand currently operates more than a dozen industries mainly in travel, leisure, telecoms and personal finance. The easyGroup profits by either selling shares in the businesses or by licensing or franchising the brand to reputable partners.

The easy brand currently operates more than a dozen industries mainly in travel, leisure, telecoms and personal finance. The easyGroup will protect their brand from internal and external threats and manage appropriately the business and other risks inherent in venturing. The easyGroup will develop their people and ensure their reward is aligned to realised shareholder returns. The easyGroup mission statement The easyGroup mission is to manage and extend Europe’s leading value brand to more products and services, whilst creating real wealth for all stakeholders.

The easyGroup vision easyGroup will develop Europe’s leading value brand into a global force. We will paint the world orange! Business location, size, and how many people employed: The Rotunda 42/43 Gloucester Crescent London NW1 7DL The easyGroup have 17 separate business trading names which operate separately yet they all adhere to the common values, themes, visual identity, and brand presented amongst all the easy businesses. The easyGroup have a central website which unifies the company vision and brand www. easy. com

Due to the easyGroup expanding range of business operations, franchises and partnerships across the European cotenant, including the UK, it would be not possible to give a total figure of people employed. However, each business would have a managing director, or CEO who formally reports to the core easyGroup management on a periodic basis the progress of their business and discuss future developments, plans, opportunities, threats or marketing campaigns. Procedure: The training needs of key departments and the key staff members within these departments with regard to helping the organisation achieve its objectives:

The easyGroup Key Departments: Executive Management Marketing Sales Operations HR and Recruitment IT The easyGroup Key Staff Members: Commercial Managers CEOs Department Managers Administrators Designers Customer Services Training Needs required to help easyGroup achieve its objectives: The easyGroup will build on their core brand values by ensuring training centres on meeting the business objectives: Each department must look for ways to cut costs, reduce reliance on paper, improve the working environment by making systems and procedures clear, purposeful and simplified.

Each department must put the customer first by listening to the customer, taking care of their needs and communicating to them in clear language, working hard to build long term relationships with clients and introducing them to other Easy brands through the effective use of marketing. Each department must keep an eye out for competition and market trends and changes to customer tastes and use the feedback gained the media, customers, complaints as a means to assess current business performance and devise strategies to improve standards and services across each section, internally and externally.

Each department must be IT networked for all administration and internet business operations to take place in a smooth, efficient and customer focused environment. How can this be done with training? Staff and managers will be introduced to the core values of the business and they would need to take ownership of it by letting them to be as creative and innovative as possible in getting them to come up with new, better and improved ways to add value and be more efficient in operating, responding to customer needs and to creating a positive working partnership between staff members, customers and suppliers.

Staff and managers will be given training on an on-going basis with additional specialised courses such as in communication skills, customer relations management, stress management, quality management, performance management. Staff and managers will have weekly feedback and update sessions within each department, where staff have an opportunity to contribute in identifying key issues, setting targets, reviewing performance and to celebrate success as a team.

Staff and managers will need to be regularly trained on new technology, new products and how it will be marketed, and new services that can be purchased on the website. Staff and managers daily activities will be reviewed to maximise staff time during their work time. Training will need to provided for staff and managers to enable them to work ‘remotely’ from home or away from their office, by ensuring work activities can be carried out using technology and effective use of new tech communication channels (web, email, tele-conferencing).

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