ICT teacher an ideal job

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To become a secondary school subject teacher, a minimum of 5 GCSE’s at grades A – C are required. I currently have 6 GCSE which shows I am available to teach at secondary school. I have chosen ICT as a course as well as applied business which counts as 2 A levels which I am currently studying at 6th form. My predicted grades show that I am currently working towards a B at ICT and a DD in applied business. The predicted grades are gotten through GCSE results, mock papers, test and current working grade. In order to become a subject teacher, a minimum of C is required in the area of subject you want to teach. My predicted grades show that I will be able to achieve this at the end of my A2.

During my first year on my GCSE’s I attended work experience at Primark. The work experience helped to develop my skills and got me familiar to the working life which will help me progress to becoming an ICT teacher. Having good qualification would help me achieve me on my path to becoming a teacher because having good qualification would mean that I would be able to work within the teaching sector. I believe that my GCSE results were my motivation for the reason that once I have achieved my GCSE grades grade C or above, it helped me to carry on to achieves good grades in my A-levels. For example I took ICT at GCSE. This helped during my ICT course which I have currently taking at 6th form as I already have a lot of knowledge of how computers work. This knowledge would also help me on my way to becoming a secondary school ICT teacher.

Having the right qualification is important as when the school is recruiting for new teachers, they would be more likely to recruit people with the highest qualification. Therefore it is important for me to pass by AS and A2 to the best of my ability. Skills A successfully ICT teacher has got good communication skills as they will need to verbally communicate with the students in order to teach them. Another reason why they need this is to discuss the students progress at with their parents at parents evening. My personal skills profile shows that I have good communication skill which makes being an ICT teacher an ideal job.

Another reason that suggests this is that an ICT teacher has to be able to meet deadlines in order to give feedback for the students work. People see me as being able to meet deadlines which suggest that when I am marking the student’s work I will be able to hand it back to them in time. This is important to them as they can fix make any correction in the required amount of time. Team work is required in a teaching profession as they would need to work with other teachers i.e. within the same subject area to discuss any new teaching methods or plan activities. I believe I posses this as I have shown this many time.

During primary and secondary school, I was involved in many discussions/debates as part of a team. I also had to work with people I didn’t know or get along with. An example of when I did this was during the Lion Heart Challenge. This is when an organisation came to my school and planned activities for entrepreneurs and one of these tasks was to come up with a new product with a group of people.

Another skill that is required by a teacher is good time management skills. This means that they need to organise a lesson that will flow in a steady pace as well as giving a lesson where there isn’t too much planned. A lesson that will be finished too quickly would mean not enough would be learnt from the information given and can have a great effect on student’s learning. The 6 people the filled out the personal sheet said that I posses this skills as 2 people said I am excellent at time management and 4 people said that I am good at it.

I believe that I have motivation skills for the reason that I always motivate students in order for them to enjoy the subject as well as making them work to their best ability in order for them to achieve the highest grade possible. Having good motivation skills is required by a teacher as they would need to be supportive towards the students in order for them to get their work done and for them to reach to their full potential. All these attributes shows that I am able to work successfully in the teaching sector. I can also put these on my CV which would impress the employee when they are recruiting which would result in a higher chance of the employing me. By having all the qualities, skills and qualifications, I would be able to contribute to the success of the school.

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