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To make the poster I used Microsoft Publisher. I got onto the main screen on Microsoft publisher and I selected the poster template and from that template I chose a basic design from which to start off my poster. After selecting the design I got onto the main designing screen and the first thing I changed of the poster was the background and the border I selected a gradient border and a black background this is because it gives a professional look to the poster and it makes the actual poster eye-catching by using a gradient.

I then inserted my business logo from file and enlarged it to fit across my poster; I enlarged it because it could then be seen from a fair distance away and also consequently making the poster more noticeable. I introduced a few pictures of a gym setting to the background to make it noticeable straight away to the people that look at the poster that it is about a fitness club after doing that I added one clip art picture to make the poster more effective when it comes to looking professional.

I then made a Header saying: “GRAND OPENING” and put it under the clip art I enlarged that to fit across the page too because it also shows that it is a newly opened gym and people could see this immediately. I formatted the “Grand Opening” title with colours that make it stand out but that do not make it look too vibrant because that would then make the business look tacky and unprofessional.

Then after doing that I added a text box near the bottom of the poster and in this text box I added information of how to get into contact with the business and its address so that people are then aware of where the business is located straight away and then may take a interest if they know how close it is. The Logo To make the logo I decided to use a website from the internet called Flaming Text which is located at this URL: – www. flamingtext. com.

When I got onto the homepage of this website I went to the headers section of the website. On the headers section I went through the header templates from which I can customise my own professional looking logo, after looking through all of the templates I chose the template called “electric” then when I got onto the customising my logo part of the webpage I selected a different font to what was selected at the time, I went for the Alfred Drake font.

Then I typed in the words Fitness Frenzy into the Text String box and I went down to the bottom of the page and clicked on the create logo button after waiting for a couple of seconds I had my logo finished and ready to use. I did this twice so that I had two logos both with different colour backgrounds, one I had a black background to and one with a White background. This is because I can use it for the posters and other white paper documents the business may have. White Background Logo that I created – Black background Logo that I created – The Business Cards

I made the business cards using Microsoft Publisher. when I got onto the main screen on Microsoft publisher I clicked on the business cards templates section from there I picked a template called “Tilt Business Cards” when I clicked on this and got onto the main design screen the first thing I did was to edit the background colour, I changed it to a gradient black and white finish I also then edited the Border to which I also gave a gradient triangle appearance, I did this because the gradient colour is eye-catching and also part of the business colour scheme.

After I did this I added the details of the business address and other contact details to the card into 2 text boxes, one text box had the address, the other phone number and email address details. I formatted these two text boxes to match the format of the business card colour and border. After doing so I inserted the business Logo “Fitness Frenzy” to the top of the card I added a semi-circular border around it to make the Logo stand out.

I then added another Text box into which I typed in my Name and business Title to make the card look more professional I also formatted the colour and border of this text box to match the rest of the business card. I had a little space left on my business card to which I inserted a clip-art picture of a gym picture to show that the business card actually was one of a leisure club. I then selected multiple copies of the card on one page and printed it out. The Client Database

I firstly needed information from my clients to make my database to do this I made a data collection form which the clients can fill out with their information and then it would make it easy to just type it into the database. The data collection form I made using Microsoft word I set it out in different sections labelled by the different headings I am going to put in my database this is what the data collection form I designed looks like – After I collated all the information from the clients together I drew up a database from each of the headers on the membership.

I made the headers go along the top of the spreadsheet and I inserted the information from the clients down the columns of the spreadsheet. I used validation while typing in my data into the database; this was by using drop-down lists on certain aspects of the data where it can only be one of a certain range of things like take for example the Title of a person it can only be one from – Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Dr or Master. This made the data easy to enter without making a mistake whilst typing it all in.

I also used a drop down list that changes the value in the next cell according to what it is in that cell. I used it for the Type of course chosen by members so that it can easily be selected and the price paid shown. I used a formulae to do this the formulae that I used is – (=IF(R2=”Expert”,90, IF(R2=”Intermediate”,70, IF(R2=”Beginner”,50, IF(R2=”Advanced”,110))))) The R in this formula represents the column letter in which the data was and the result would be seen in the column next to it which would be column S.

After I had entered in all the data onto the spreadsheet I visually compared it to what was on the forms that I had filled out by going through each individual I checked whether my validation was correct and if I had any corrections to make to my drop down lists. Because of the different types of data I had in my database, some of it numeric, some text some dates and some alphanumeric data I couldn’t use drop down lists for all of them because of the variety of data that can be input into certain cells instead I did add a range template to some so that if data is input incorrectly into that cell then the use must check it and retype into it.

After I had checked all of the data and validated that it was all correct I inserted an auto filter onto the database: I added an auto filter so that when it comes to looking up clients details to update or check information it can be found quickly and efficiently by filtering the data to the client’s specific details. The Mail Merge Letters

I made my Mail merge letters using Microsoft word; to do this I needed to use the database that I had created from my client details and construct it into one document so that it will make it easier to send the same kind of letter to all the clients without having to keep on typing a new letter up for each separate one. Firstly I created the template of my Mail merge document I did this by typing the details I wanted to have on the document that I wanted to send to everybody – After I made the template I left spaces to which I need information from the database for every client’s different letter.

I then started to merge my document with the database I made from the clients details; I did this by using the mail merge bar on my word window I selected “open data source” – After doing so I selected my database that I created from the client’s data and opened it. I then had a list of things from the database I could insert into the empty template I had of the letter I wanted to send to each individual client – I then inserted all of the fields I wanted into the correct places of my document.

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