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The main functions of the Plant Place is to sell fencing, plant pots, gardening tools, garden ornaments, indoor plants, books and other goods for garden and home. All these goods are sold at garden centres. Garden centres also sell outdoor plants. All of the garden centres include a cafi?? , where Plant Place customers can buy sandwiches, drinks and other lights meals such as cakes. The company has a Mail Order service that allows customers to buy goods and product through a catalogue from their residence.

The system is ran by the Mail Order Clerk, who is based at the head office. One of the main functions of Plant Place is to specialize in growing climbing plants and sell these and other huge range of plants and items through mail order. Mail orders are placed through catalogues produced by the company and advertisement put in many gardening magazines. Different Types of Customers Plant place has many customers. These customers include members of the public and also local councils’ park and garden departments buy plants grown by the company.

Other garden centres buy grown plants from the company. Functions of Each Section Including Garden Centres and Head Office The functions of the Garden Centre are to sell goods such as plants, pots gardening tools etc to many types of customer from council to the public, who may use catalogues to order their products using mail order service. The Administration Assistant is in charge of office procedures. He deals with correspondence received or creating and sending any correspondence.

The Administration Assistant keeps staff hours. But part time staff must sign a book. Every Friday the Administration Assistant uses the book and calculates the hours of each member of staff. Another task the Administration Assistant does is keep logs of the money taken through the tills. It also includes receipts and cheques. The assistant checks the money with the actual till receipt that are printed from each individual till. Then the information must be filled on to a spreadsheet keeping a record of the money taken.

Administration Assistant has to pass order for plants and other goods to the Head Office. He must produce confirmation for purchase orders. Also invoices must be checked with stock received. At the end of the week the Administration Assistant sends all the details of staff hours, money taken, purchasing orders raised and invoices to head office. The information is sent via E-mail. Finance Department, which is based at the Head Office keep transaction on a server.

The transaction includes sales from each Garden Centre and sales via mail order. These are used to make annual accounts for shareholders and the Inland Revenue. Finance department is in charge of VAT returns that are given every quarter of the year to Customs and Excise. Different Suppliers to the Garden Centre, Head Office and Warehouse and Relationships Between Suppliers and Individuals The Plant Place has many suppliers as they stock a lot of different types of goods from huge chain of suppliers.

The cafi, that is in the Garden Centre. The suppliers for the cafi?? are different from the actual Garden Centre. The Chef, who is the Manager, decides the quantity of ingredients to order for the food the food that will be cooked for the following day. The Chef collects vegetables and eggs from a local farm shop. The assistant orders meat from the local butcher via telephone. Everyday the wholesaler bakery delivers rolls and bread. This is a pre order but can be changed if they fax the order and can then be adjusted by the bakery.

When the Garden Centre is out of plants it re orders from the nursery. But if other types of goods are missing then they are ordered from the warehouse. Exclusive managers send through the orders at each Garden Centre. However the Directors decide every week the rough number of each goods that must be in stock. This may vary around stores depending on demand. So the Manager of the Garden Centre can order more than the director says because demand may be high for this good here than another Garden Centre.

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