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Database systems are used to make and analyse bookings for service organisations in the leisure industry. Bookings are made and staff can see how many customers are expected or using the facilities at a given time. Records can be analysed to help with staff rotas and future promotions. EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) EPOS systems are the tills used in most shops and facilities. Any till where the operator doesn’t have to actually type in the price is an EPOS system.

At the lowest end of the EPOS chain are systems where you program in your prices and press the corresponding button to the item the customer orders or purchases. These systems are commonly used in pubs and facilities where you buy set price items from a small range. o A sophisticated EPOS system is the one used in supermarkets. The tills and bar code scanners are part of the computer system in the store. The store system is linked to the main company pricing system and information about which price goes with which bar code is set centrally.

Whenever your shopping is scanned at the till, not only are you charged the correct price but the goods you buy are removed from the stores inventory. This makes stock control easy as the computer can automatically re-order goods when they fall below a certain level. ICT ; Purchasing The role of the purchasing department is to buy OR specify the suppliers for all equipment and services used by the organisation. Equipment will include parts needed to manufacture the product and also items needed to ensure the smooth running of the organisation, such as stationary and cleaning materials.

Services will include contractors to carry out specific tasks and employees to run the business. ICT is used heavily by the purchasing department to ensure that they purchase the best quality materials for the lowest price possible. The purchasing department has to manage the stock to ensure the smooth running of the organisation. If there is not enough stock then the organisation will not be able to supply their customers and they will go elsewhere.

If there is too much stock it needs to be stored and will affect the finance department as money will be “tied up” in stock. The ideal solution is “just in time” purchasing which means the supplies arrive just as they are needed. To achieve a good stock control system is needed. How ICT is used in Purchasing  Stock Control Systems o Delivery tracking – When an order has been placed the organisation can check the progress of the order to see when it will be delivered.

Each order is given a Unique Reference Number (URN) which is the order’s reference on the database. You can see an example of this when you make a purchase from a company such as Amazon. Automatic Stock Re-ordering – A good stock control system keeps an accurate record of what is currently in stock and has an automatic re-order level which will give a message (or place the order) when a certain level of stock has been reached. This sort of system is typically used in supermarkets to keep a good level of stock in store.

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