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General company information The jet petrol band was started in the 1950’s by a Yorkshire entrepreneur, John Billy Roberts whom wanted to offer the motorists high quality fuel at competitive prices. The jet name originates from the number plates of the first petrol tankers bought in Rotherham (J. E. T. being the Rotherham registration letters). In 1961, Jet was bought by conoco limited, a UK subsidiary of the international oil company conoco inc. , which built of jets low price tradition.

As part of Conoco Limiter’s ongoing program to optimize its U. K. marketing performance, the company today announced the sale, for an undisclosed sum, of 175 company-operated Jet service stations in the U. K. to Fuel force Limited, a newly-created independent fuel retailer. Fuel force Limited is supported by the Debt Ventures team of The Royal Bank of Scotland. Size, (staff/costumers) Under the sale agreement, Conoco will supply petroleum products to the outlets that Fuel force will continue to operate under the Jet brand. The sale increases Conoco’s Jet-branded dealer network from 388 to more than 560 outlets.

Today jet has approximately 600 outlets all around the country. As you know, there has been and always will be a lot of demand for petrol as it is a key element in which people need in order to transport around. Jet was one of the first before companies like BP, Shell, and Texaco etc to introduce prices on the pole sign. Jet sites are also one of the biggest petroleum company’s in the UK, it employs around 35. 000 workers. It was surveyed last year that as a total no. in the UK, jet served around 4. 5 million costumers per week alone. Jet uses ICT software to ensure that the shelves in the shop are never.

Completely emptied. Staffs at the sites use hand-held terminals (HHT’s) that can record the barcodes of products that are out of stock and then, once the check is complete, the shopping list is sent to Head Office. Re-order requests from all the stores are added together to produce orders to suppliers. Sales are then recorded all along with the prices at the Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) terminals and sent to the store computer so that the management knows what sort of products are selling rapidly and what needs to be added to the promotion basket for the month coming.

Head Office is contacted via email for administrative matters such as double- checking prices, special offers, staff problems, income/outcome, etc. The store computers send sales information collected from the EPOS terminals to the mainframe computer at Swindon. This sales information is used to produce budgets and make financial projections for the forthcoming year.

The Customer satisfaction department gives the company feedback on Customers opinions about special offers, prices, services, etc. this is all taken to the AGM meeting which takes place at various locations all year round. Today this technology is essential to create a good business. Without I. C. T, organisations like Jet will not have any records of stock orders or any history of the things that were bought by a certain customer or in this case a VAT receipt. Jet petrol station uses I. C. T for a different number of reasons, It is more easier to record and store data on a computer. All the information is on one main internal computer.

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