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ohn Cadbury, a Quaker opened a one man business in 1824 in bull street, Birmingham. He opened his shop next to his father’s drapery and silk business. In the grocery shop at the start he sold tea, coffee, hops and mustard. To attract the people’s attention he employed a Chinese man who dressed in religious clothing and sold his products in the shop. Cadbury limited is the confectionary division of Schweppes plc. This shop would become the foundations of Cadburys, a world wide chocolate producer. Around 1931 his business had developed from a small grocery shop with john Cadbury becoming a manufacturer of drinking chocolate and cocoa and that was then the start of Cadburys manufacturing business as it’s known as today.

On 1st march 1824 john Cadbury posted an advert in the Birmingham gazette, which said; “John Cadbury is desirous of introducing to particular notice `cocoa nibs`, prepared by himself, an article affording a most nutritious beverage for breakfast.” The Cadbury brothers in 1961 took over their fathers business they did work in the business previously but the prospects were still daunting.
Purchasing Buys all the raw materials and goods required for production Sales and marketing Sales function deals with all aspects of selling to customers; the marketing function carries out marketing research, organists advertising and product promotion There are many tasks every business needs to do if it is going to succeed.

Each of these tasks is described as being a function of a business. The following is a brief introduction to each of these functions: Human resources Human resources make sure that the business has the best staff for the job and that they are able to work effectively in a safe environment. Human resources deal with the training, employment, health and safety and discuss with unions/workers. Training is when the workers learn how to do the job. Employment is when the have to hire the right people for the job.

Finance Finance keeps a record of all money coming in and going out of the business. They have responsibility for securing finances for future increase and paying staff and suppliers. They keep a detailed record of the money coming in and going out. Finances deal with wages and loans. Finance also has to pay for the materials and equipment that have been used. Administration and ICT support Administration and ICT support ensure the smooth running of the business on a day to day basis. Some of the responsibilities they have are office duties, cleaning, computer and software support, security and health and safety. Clerical work is a main job. Some clerical work are sorting out mail and filling. Technical support is another job. These workers mostly deal with technical problems.

Operations Operations have the task of producing the goods or service in the most efficient way. This is done by making best use of the business’s staff, machinery, building and raw materials. They also make sure that the production plans are met on time and products of the right quality are produced. People that work in productions have many jobs. Some examples are getting the right materials, planning, and monitoring budgets

Marketing and sales Marketing boost the level of chocolate being sold by carrying out research. They carry out surveys. They also organize the advertising and the production. Sales function deals with all aspects of selling to customers. Marketing sales find out what audience there chocolate bar is for. They also research on which companies would buy there product and how people would know about there product. Sales teams are located in different places. Some can be found Local, Regional, national and international.

Customer service There are four major things about customer service. The first thing is that Customer service provides information. The second thing is that they give customer support. The third thing is that they give customers after sales support. The last thing is that they give customers advice. Research and development Research and development design new products. They update the old ones. They design the wrapping and test new products. They do this to test out new designs and make more money. They find out how much people would pay for a chocolate bar. The main job is that they experiment with new ideas.

Use of ICT ICT will be used in each of these functional areas and it should assist the business in achieving its aims and objectives. The flow information of Cadbury Tesco`s are Cadburys biggest customers. The order comes in from Tesco to the sales department at Cadbury then the sales department send the order details and the sales order details to finance department and to the warehouse (stock control) who make the request for new stock from the purchasing department, then they send details about the purchase order to the financing department also the purchasing department give the orders to the suppliers.

Name of Department or Area What ICT is used Manufacturing Software Cam-computer aided manufacturing Aims and Objectives 1. Make a Profit 2. Make Quality Product 3. Reduce waste and pollution to help the environment Manufacturing is responsible for making the product. The technology ensures that the chocolate products are manufactured at the highest quality. The use of robots and automation means that al the products are the same ensuring the aim of making a good quality product. As much of the process is automated it means that less employees have to be employed. With less humans involved there is less chance of human error and therefore this reduces the amount of waste. As less employees are employed it means that less wages are paid and therefore more profit is made.

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