ICT for internal and external communications of the business

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A computer normally tends to process and communicate complex information. It also enables it to quickly identify developments within organisations like McDonalds that could threaten business objectives. It may be due to for example a sudden rise in unit costs or disappointing Computers have become an integral part of modern day life and are becoming increasingly important as teaching and training tools. In the work place and many other educational institutes computers and networks have become commonplace. This allows companies such as McDonalds and educational establishments to utilise many possible computer training and education techniques.

Today the use of computer based training and education covers a very broad spectrum of uses. Many companies now use computers in staff training and education. Computers are used as both a resource to present information and as a tool to develop practical expertise in staff. McDonalds believe that computers can be used as a resource to present information because of presentation programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint. This presentation package can be used for basic training such as an employee induction; the presentation could give information about the company and what the employees will be doing.

Computers can also be used as tools because they can help develop employees practical skills e. g. an employee who would be working with the companies database would probably be trained on a “dummy database” this would allow the employee to build up practical skills. Among the many benefits of computer-based training the major benefit to an employer is the reduced cost. As they do not have to send people away on courses which mean they don’t have to pay for travel or accommodation. So the investment in a suitable training scheme often pays for itself, as the computers are already available.

The only drawback McDonalds think is that the computer based training courses can be impersonal and the employee may have to be a computer literate to do the course. One of the other advantages is that staff can train when they like at there own desks on the computer. The downside to this is that they are being taught by a computer, which cannot explain to the employee what they did wrong when they make a mistake, although some training packages may be able to do this to an extent.

The major benefit to the people being trained close to McDonalds is the convenience as they do not have to travel away and can learn in there own time. They can also get immediate feedback on how well they are doing. The only real disadvantage to using computer-based training is the impersonal touch of being taught by a computer. * Integrating the functions: In modern organisation, there is far more integration of functions than ever before. The prime drivers of this change have been the emphasis on serving the customer and the use and application of information and communications technology.

The use of ICT in an organisation makes it possible for functional areas to share the same information, and to work collaboratively using this pool of information, and information-creating and -handling capacity. For example, client databases can be used for accounting purposes (e. g. handling and processing customer accounts), marketing purposes (e. g. researching the needs of customers) or administrative purposes (handling the paperwork related to customers, etc. ). Increasingly, McDonalds have seen the redesign of business processes (i. e. business activities) so that these processes are focused on meeting the customer needs.

Very often this has involved the creation of work cells (cellular working) made up of a number of people from a number of functions who work together in carrying out one specific process involved in meeting customer requirements. Functions are thus integrated to concentrate on a particular process. McDonalds need to communicate with a range of individuals and organizations, including their customers, their competitors and their suppliers. As well as there own employees. Good communication within McDonalds is essential if that McDonalds is to operate effectively.

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