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ICT has had a big impact on businesses. The main impact it has had is it speeds everything up. With the use of ICT businesses are able to communicate with their suppliers banks etc much quicker. The Kenwood network AS400 does just that. They have direct links to their suppliers and to their banks as well as links overseas to Japan. Here are some ways in which ICT speeds up communication. Businesses are able to send emails, which takes the place of sending a letter or faxes or phone calls. The ICT can be used to replace the organisations traditional systems of filing and storing information so that everyone has use to the databases. The Internet can be used to find out about current developments that are taking place in the field in which the organisation is operating. The business website can create a communication link between the organisation and its global market.

Explain how the organisational structure, culture and management style interrelate in the business Kenwood’s structure is Matrix their culture is task and their management style is consultative. These three all interrelate together which means Kenwood works well. About three years ago the leadership for Kenwood was a manager sent from Japan. This had a bad affect on the running of Kenwood because the Japanese manager tried to change the culture of the company to a Japanese style using autocratic styles. This style did not help with the running of the business as the management style, structure and culture did not relate, The reason they did not relate is because the manager tried to control a Japanese business culture on a British run company. The British culture is more laid back than Japanese cultures so there were many differences, which caused problems. The Japanese manager had left after a year.

Kenwood was going through a bad patch because managers who were not forward looking, and had older ideals, which was not suitable for advances in technology ran them, at that time. Now Kenwood are run by a younger generation, which have more up to date ideals which helps the business overall. However this can sometimes cause conflict as the older managers feel as if they are being pushed backed.

Now with Kenwood having a consultative management style, a task culture and a matrix structure the running off the business is much better overall. What I have written above shows that the business culture, structure and style are very important. What the Japanese manager tried to do did not work well as the different areas didn’t communicate and a lot of conflict was caused. Now the business is working much better and achieving more of their objectives. Kenwood’s management style, cultures and structure all interrelate together well. This means there is good communication between different areas, which means the overall products are going to be much better.

Evaluate the impact of the organisationsal structure, culture and management style on the performance of the business. As I have mentioned before Kenwood have a matrix structure, a consultative management style and a task culture. These three all interrelate as I have mentioned above well as it means Kenwood are working well and moving forward to achieving all of their objectives fully. As the three all work well together it means the performance of the business is good, If there is good communication between the different areas, it would equal better teamwork as the staff would be much happier, which would lead to better products which would make the customers happy which would make profit leading to development which would gain more market staff.


If the communication is Good between the different areas TEAMWORK this means the staff is Much happier BETTER PRODUCTS happier customers = PROFIT As you can see the performance will be very good as the management style, culture and structure all interrelate. The atmosphere is much happier in the business. Find an alternative approach to quality control or assurance and the effects it could have on functions of a business. An alternative approach to quality control that Kenwood could use is using TQM (total quality management). It would create a quality culture so every employee will please customers. I feel if Kenwood uses TQM (total quality management) it would improve their quality control. Below are some points in how it would improve the quality control.

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