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I am writing this report on behalf of JMC bank and it is aimed at younger school children. In this report I am going to describe the technologies available to access information, to exchange information and to carry out transactions in relation to working styles and new employment opportunities. I am going to include examples of these technologies and comment on how they have helped us and how they can help us in the future. I am also going to give advantages and disadvantages of each technology. Types of Technologies

Technology in banks has changed over many years and nowadays it easier and quicker for people to bank. Nowadays there are lots of different technical equipment that banks all over the world are using and I am going to tell you about them all. Although there are many advantages of this technical equipment there are also many disadvantages, which I will describe. Banking There are many different ways of banking nowadays and I will describe them below. Internet banking has become popular with many customers and has several advantages over traditional banking methods.

It offers convenience in that you don’t have to leave your own home in order to carry out transactions. You can also perform transactions from any locations with Internet access and therefore can make payments and check your balance at work or on holiday. Internet banking allows you to check your balance as regularly as you wish rather than having to wait for a monthly statement. You can easily transfer money too other accounts and make payments very quickly. It enables disabled people more access to banking.

21% of registered disabled people don’t currently have a bank account and this may be an easier method for them to use. Customers don’t have to queue for a long time in banks. It enables customers to bank any time of the day or night and customers are not limited to bank opening times. On the negative side a proportion of the population are excluded from vital services. As noted. Bank closures have left some communities without a local branch. It could also be argued that it reduces social interaction.

20 years ago there was no such thing as Internet Banking so people who have disabilities found it hard to put money into the bank or draw money out. Telephone Banking is a business system providing the customers with financial services through methods of automated telephone voice and manpower answering based on computer telephone integration technology. It integrates personal financial and business financing together and achieves the perfect combination of modern telecommunication technology and the bank’s financial services. An advantage is that there is wide coverage and great flexibility.

The telephone banking system is not subject to the limit of time and space. It can provide the client with around the clock services all over the year so as to help the customer take advantage of opportunities in time. You can access you bank account any where at any time with telephone banking. You can access it at home, at work or on the go; all you need is a telephone to access your financial information. Check balances, maturity date, last interest payment amount, accrued interest, year-to-date interest paid, and previous year-to-date interest paid for certificates of deposit

The list above is good for people who are always busy in work and don’t really have time to go to the bank. This has been the big difference over many years because people who were busy would have to stop of at a bank to pay in money or draw out money. Telephone banking has also helped disabled people since it has arrived because it means disabled people can bank from home. People’s jobs have changed over years because a lot more people are banking from home. This means there will be a lot fewer jobs for people who want to work in a bank which means many more jobs in telebanking.

Banking has changed a lot since they were introduced. Internet banking has affected people’s jobs because a lot less people would have to work in the bank, as customers would be banking from home. This is a lot less social and there will be a lot less fun while working in the bank. Banks used to be a more personal and friendly service where customers could go in and chat to cashiers for long periods. This is not possible as staffs are made more aware of queues building up which means cashiers are under more pressure to be quick to serve customers rather than chat.

When banks first opened there were no computers which meant that all the customers’ information was in big files that could be lost or misplaced. Now you can get all your bank information over the internet but is protected by passwords so that hackers can’t get into your account and steel money or account information. All statements were done by hand but nowadays are done very quickly and easily by computers that print them. Staff are also under a lot more pressure and competition from other high street banks to sell bank products and reach target figures.

Until a few years ago cashiers did not have the protection of bullet proof glass in front of them encase of a robbery. Although the bullet proof glass is a lot less social and customer friendly it is a lot safer for the cashiers to work in. Also nowadays to work in a bank you need to have ICT skills so you can work all the different types of computers E. G. to find out customers details quickly and how to produce a statement quickly etc. In the future of banking I think that there will be updated software and technologies so that soon there will be no banks that are open due to everyone banking from home. Email – electronic mail

Sending messages using a computer or electronic device. You can send email in across a local area network or via the Internet. A message usually begins with several lines of headers, followed by a bank line, and the body of the message. It is conventional for the body to end in a signature. Email is a good for banks to use because they can email customers bank statement straight to them the day they request it. They can send a customers statement within minutes if they request it. This is an advantage as it is quick and efficient but the disadvantage is that you need to have a computer and the internet to send a statement.

ATM-Automated teller machine Automated Teller Machines are a great way to generate additional revenue for banks and offer the customers an added convenience. In addition to providing a great convenience to the customers, ATM’s increase the customers security by allowing you to reduce the amount of cash kept in the register and minimize large nightly bank deposits through re-circulation of cash. Most banks offer 24 hour worldwide access to your accounts. Deposit, withdraw, transfer funds and check balances can be found out at any ATM machine.

You can withdraw funds and check balances anywhere you like. When you insert your card into an ATM, you will be asked to enter your personal identification number (PIN). When you have correctly done so, the machine will allow you to access your accounts. Failure to enter the correct PIN will result in the machine denying access. The PIN is determined when you first receive your card. The customer will be asked to choose a four digit number for their PIN. It can be any four numbers they wish, but they should not use numbers that would be easily guessed by others.

If they forget what the numbers are or if they have reason to believe that someone else knows their PIN they should contact their branch to change them. Their PIN is their safeguard against someone else being able to access their accounts. Advantages of the ATM machine are that if you are in the middle of a town and you run out of money you can go to a machine and withdraw the amount you need. The disadvantage of the ATM machine is that someone could watch over you and steel your money and whenever you put money into your account and withdraw it you are charged.

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