I.C.T training and skills required

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In the world of employment people need to get more and more qualifications. I think that I.C.T is getting as if not more important as English, Math’s and Science. This is a bit of a problem because some people might find computers incredibly difficult to use. However I.C.T is being made a lot easier than it perhaps was before. Special packages and hardware mean that people with special needs and other disabilities can use I.C.T. A piece of software that comes with word that is widely used and very helpful would be spell checker as it is an amazing aid and enables you to type with out to much worry as to how words are spelt.

There is other I.C.T that isn’t as widely used but are probably as if not more helpful than the spellchecker, for a blind person the next piece of hardware would be a lot more helpful. This piece of software enables blind people to work in a office job and live a normal life it is called a Braille keyboard and uses keys that have Braille letters instead of conventional ones. There is also for partially blind people larger monitors that mean that people who find it hard to see don’t have to squint at the screen of a computer. And finally (not that there isn’t lots more technologies of course) is colored keyboards so if people who find it hard to see cant read the letters on a keyboard can just recognize a color and relate each key to a colour.

The way people interact at work. There has been a lot of communicational devises invented that use I.C.T and these can help people in business as well as people trying to socialize. I explained most devises already but one more would be pagers and these are widely used in business as these are like texting on a phone meaning that they are very useful and enable fast communication between people at a great distance from each other. The types of jobs available.

With the invention of internet a couple have jobs have been introduced one of these being web designer which basically works so that business get into contact with a web designer and then they come along and create a web page for the business that is done professionally. A professional web site might make people think that the business is good and will go to that business. There is also a job involving fixing computers where as a business might decide that they want to hire someone who can fix the computers quickly. The bonus of hiring someone to do this is instead of having to wait for someone to drive to you the worker can stay in your companies and fix any problems that might occur.

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