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Goals for PTindependence,
Transitional movements
If a child cant move on their own what should you do.You move them to experience the necessary positions
T/F – Moving a child, assistive devices for sitting upright, and a HEP done by parents will all be part of positioning and handlingTrue

What are three topics to teach parents positioningbathtime, diaper change
pictures of positioning
using assistive device/placement
We position in alignment to avoid ________.Deformities
Positioning and posture will help with _________, ________, ________maintain posture
weight shifting
change positions during the day
Lift by _____ hips and holding child close to body. Do not lift under theflexing, underarm
Extremity or trunk prep with approximation may be needed beforeweight bearing
A graded compression to the head down through the spine requires ______ _______ for approximationgood alignment
Before movement begins the therapist may need toincrease tone, correct alignment, control proximal joints
If you want a child to control a joint in weight bearing you should stabilize the ______ joint. ( you hold knee, while baby controls hip)distal
key points of control for movement preparation are the ______ joints.proximal
Which maneuver is great for head control.Pull to sit – use wedge, supine -rotate child toward you and pull slowly on arms
T/F – Head control should be encouraged in supine but not prone.False – both need to be practiced
resting tone needed for movement preparationpostural readiness
Rhythmic rotation is used for a _______ child but not hypotonic.hypertonic
When a child substitutes while doing pull to sit what should you do?Do not allow it. Manually prevent it.
Using a suspension sling to put a child in for prone head control can be exciting. What should you avoid?Overstimulating the vestibular system, use varying movement and rhythm
What position would you choose to control the head and trunk in sitting and start learning how to weight shift onto their weak side.Side sitting, the child is propped up on one arm. This allows approximation and learning to shift weight to the effected side. Or supported sitting upright, or sitting on a ball.
Advantages of supine positionupper trunk flexion in supine can decrease STLR , can begin early weight bearing on LEs
The neutral position of the head in side lying is great for ____dampening tonic reflexes
This position allows protraction of the shoulder and pelvis, functional rolling, dissociation of upper and lower trunk and trunk elongation.side-lying
This position promotes weight bearing through the UEs. Stretches hip and knee flexors. Facilitate hand eye relationships ( on elbows).prone
This position promotes head and trunk control, free arms for play, vestibular development, feeding, righting reactions.sitting
Which position is best for decreasing excessive plantarflexionstanding
Name five different sitting positionsPropped forward on both arms
Propped Forward on one arm
Propped laterally on both arms
No hand support
Side sitting with or without hand support
T/F You should facilitate supine to sit but not prone to sit.False – there are many transitional positions. Encourage all of them.
Allows weight bearing on back of thighs and ischial tuberosities.90-90-90 rule
Keep the depth of a seat no more than ______ of the length of the thigh7/8ths
the position for UE functionsitting
sitting position good for weight shiftside sitting
T/F sitting propped laterally on both arms is easier than side sitting with hand support.True
T/F side sitting without hand support is easier than upright sitting with no hand support.False
_________ are used to encourage trunk rotation and trunk control.transitions
Goals for adaptive equipment include all of the following except:
a) Reinforce typical movement
b) postural alignment
c) prevent hypermobility
d) increase comfort
e) increase opportunity for social and educational interactions
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