Human resources

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Motivating the human resources is indeed an important factor of business management. In this regard, it could be noted that entrepreneurs around the world certainly aim to create a fine working ambiance for their human forces. In the pursuit of finding the most effective ways in human motivation, both psychologists and business entrepreneurs have already tried to solve the issue to pursue a better system of performance among employees. There were different procedures that were introduced to the business systems; however there were certain approaches that remained particularly ahead of the others.

One of which is that of the reward system. What is this particular approach in human motivation all about and how far has it improved employee performance when it was first applied in the process? It has been mentioned earlier that there are at least three major factors that contribute to employee satisfaction. These three factors are disciplines that help enhance the capability of the employees to perform well along with the capability of the company to provide the employees with major things that they need. The said disciplines include architecture, psychology and business.

Each discipline contributes a certain factor in the satisfaction of the employees with their jobs as well as with their companies. Large companies, especially multinational organizations consider their employees as the main source of strength of the organization. By being so, their needs are addressed to be among the clear focus of the company to be provided. However, because of some circumstantial occurrences, the needs of the employees are at times disregarded because of the fact that the company focuses on serving the clients well to be able to generate high rates of profit for the organization.

This is the main reason why in this study, the employees’ demands in terms of working environment and their psychological reaction to the actual job that they are doing. The idea that this study wants to share is that “keeping good employees means keeping good job”. People who have been with an organization for a long time are already treated as major assets of the company. The fact that they are already directly acquainted with the company or organization, the efforts that they have placed forward for the sake of the company’s success determines their loyalty towards the organization.

Keeping good employees is one of the primary goals of any business organization today. It could be observed that one of the basic requirements for a company to exist on the business industry is to have loyal employees who are willing to serve the organization at the best efforts that they could. Consequently, keeping such type of employees is not that easy. The following questions shall give an overview of the guidelines that would be utilized by the program planner for the completion of the presentation

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