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Tibet Travel is a holiday company which was set up in 1990 by Mr Amar Akbar Anthohy. Using his savings Amar opened a small bucket travel shop near the High charted flights tickets to three major destinations in Tibet – Tumbai, Theli, and Toa. The business developed quickly. Amar was able to invest in the business and opened new travel shop in Birmingham and Manchester. Amar. As the business was growing there was no formal Human Resources Planning and it was the right time to built Human Resources Management team in order achieves the objectives and goals.

The outline to Mr Anthony will go through the following tasks: Task 1) Human Resources Management Role a) Important role and purpose of Human Resource Management as distinct from personal management. The best people and talent can come from anywhere. Get them before your competitors. People are a critical success factor in any business. Successful companies invest systems and processes designed to ensure that their employees are engaged and have the necessary skills and experience to meet business objectives.

The role of the HRM is the crucial one of being the driving force of the company. The stages that the resources called ‘human’ go through can be listed in the below ranking: – Plan – Find (recruit and hire) – Bring it up (train – appraise – train) – Keep it (motivate)

Torrington and Taylor (2005) define HRM which first employee working people and the organisation which uses their skills to agree about the objectives, secondly ensures the agreement is fulfilled. On the other side of organisation Personnel Management direct their effort at the organisation’s employees: finding and training them, arranging for them to be paid, explaining management expectations, justifying management’s actions etc. HRM is something qualitative different from a personal management approach. Personnel management is essentially workforce centred while HRM is resourced centred.

The function of personal manager usually begins with the staffing process. Someone has to be focused on screening and interviewing persons, with en eye to placing individuals with the right skill sets in the right position within the company. Along with placement the HR manager may also oversee or at least be involved in the creation of entry level training programs well as continuing education opportunities for existing employees.

Depending on the size of the organisation, it may be possible for one person to handle the personal management functions. As company grows it might be necessary to expand to Human Resources team. As Tibet Travel is been grown, compare to the size in 1990 when first company was set up, it might be necessary to expand to Human Resources Management team. In a business, personnel management starts with the recruiting and hiring of qualified people and continues with directing and encouraging their growth as they encounter problems and tensions that arise in working toward established goals.

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