Human Resources Management

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Task 1 Bolton College provide high quality vocational training for better qualifications skills and employability. The college provides over 800 full and part-time courses, delivered at seven main centres around Bolton. In Bolton College there is a free recruitment service, this service is work on similar basis to recruitment agency, vetting C. Vs and conducting face to face interviews to insure every applicant get the right job, the service provide business as well as the college itself with employees.

Bolton College is an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications from all communities and backgrounds; the college committed to deliver the very best and experienced staff. Bolton College used to recruit employees for all types of employment, as full time, part time, casual, fixed term or contract, apprenticeships and traineeships and piecework and commission only payment employees. Recruitment involves attracting the right people to apply for the vacancies available.

In Bolton College when realise that they have a job vacancy that need filling, they will produce a person specification and a job description to show candidates what the job requires. The college advertise the job vacancies in many ways, internally and externally; internally advertisement gives current employees the chance to apply for the job. If there is no one applies internally or no suitable applicants the vacancy goes external. The college advertise the vacancy on their website and on vacancy boards in its campuses.

Applications can be gotten from college receptions or applicants can ask to send it to their address. Successful applicants will be invited to Bolton College-recruitment department to attend an interview. Selection is choosing the most suitable applicant whilst keeping within employment laws and regulations. All candidates are screened to ensure that they fit with the job requirements. In the first stage of screening, selectors look at candidates C. V. to check candidate’s education and job history. If C.

V is well written and positive it helps college assessors whether the candidate matches the person specification for the job. The recruitment documentation used in Bolton College is a job description and person specification; a job description lists the main task required in the job, it describes two types of information it describes the task of the job and the behaviour necessary to actually do these tasks satisfactorily. A job description must be developed for all vacancies, irrespective of staff category.

The job description is the starting point in any recruitment process; it clarifies the overall purpose of the job. It gives information on what the job is about and what responsibilities they would have, the qualification needed, the equipment and tools that are used, the skills and knowledge they have to require, the contribution they have to put into this position, what the working condition are going to be like, and what they expect from the successful candidates.

In Bolton College they saying that the workers that are applying for the job should be inspired to drive the college forward, and to be a key contribution to develop the college. A person specification uses in Bolton College contains the information that might be ideal for the job. It lists what is needed for the job. It allows possible employees to see whether they are suitable for the job and saving time in taking out anybody who isn’t. It helps employers as well, to see what sort of qualities will be required to do the job.

It makes the recruitment process even easier and fairer because it makes sure that the candidates are judged just by the specification. The specification could include information like education and qualifications, IN Bolton College this is depend on position advertised. In addition to that there is more recruitment documentation uses the college such as a letter of application, application form, job advertisement, curriculum vitae, employment contract.

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