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The administration department deals with emails, such as ordering products, customers paying for the products. If the case of Beechdean’s, customers will send the administration department an email to order how much ice creams they would like, or superstores might directly require an order throughout the use of computer and internet. ICT would help Beechdean’s to make calculations of how much profit is made; it can be used to advertise their product (Beechdean’s might email their regular customers if they have any special offers).

Through out the use of computers superstores can make payments via internet. The ICT department also gets feedbacks about their products and what suits their customers. Maintenance: The maintenance department would be used for safety checks on machinery (Beechdean’s might provide a safety test once every year on all electronics including machinery) because workers at the work place need to work in a safe environment. The maintenance team could be people from another company that will come to do any technical repairs on any expensive machinery.

Quality Assurance: This is another point businesses look at; Beechdean’s produces some of the most luxurious ice creams and for them to keep that standard going they need to test every few samples to make sure customer get the right Ice Cream, the test will check upon the flavour and content of the ice cream. If any batch fails to ‘pass’ the quality assurance test they will recheck it or discard it. All these functional areas in a business are required to run a business each of them link with each other in all aspects.

Here are two examples of the main interlinks between each functional areas of a Business. Marketing Mix of Beechdean’s The Marketing Mix for Beechdean’s explores how Beechdean’s compares and competes with other Ice cream brands. Beechdean’s is a medium sized business with great products, compared with other products, prices and promotion to other businesses and competes with some of the great brands. Product Luxury Ice Creams. Beechdean’s has special Ice cream ingredients they use to produce creamy flavours.

Beechdean’s speciality is that they use fresh Jersey Milk; from fresh cows this gives the ice creams a thick and rich flavour. Some of the flavours by Beechdean’s is very unique; such as Blackcurrant Cheesecake, Cinnamon and Honey & Ginger. The Packaging shows a deal of effort to increase sales; the packaging is colourful and shows pictures in great colours to make the Ice Cream more luxurious. Beechdean’s usually uses plastic tubs for 110ml, 500ml as their packaging, the Ice cream cones come in paper back coating with the Beechdean Bob range.

Beechdean’s USP (Unique Selling Product) is that they use Fresh Jersey milk from herd cows to make the best ice cream available, this is a special ingredient that is not used by many popular brands of luxury ice creams. The flavors are quite unique to the market, ‘Honey ; Ginger’ is a very strange flavor and it’s unique because no one has it on the market, this would be something new to the consumers which can be a success.

Our Ice Cream range will be called ‘Creamy Delight’ – we have named it Creamy Delight as we feel that the Ice cream will be very rich in ingredients and with some hazelnuts to make you delightful when you eat it. However the Ice Cream we will be producing will a very unique flavor ‘Vanilla Ice Cream with Hazelnuts & Chocolate Syrup’ we decided to go for something very unique and special to the market. However there are some companies that provide Vanilla Ice Cream with Hazelnuts but what’s special about us is that we a providing a ‘Chocolate Syrup’ on top which will make the Ice Cream taste even better.

Price Beechdean’s does not advertise much through any sort, this could be one of the ways to advertise their product as well as to attract people with the cheap price for a luxury Ice Cream. I think a reasonable price for a new luxury Ice Cream in the market should be priced at i?? 2. 79 for a 500ml tub, however customers can always save money if they buy a larger portion. One litre Ice cream should be priced at i??

3. 99 – customer will tend to save a great amount if they go for the larger portion. Beechdean’s Ice creams will be priced at 2. 79 because we feel that other successful Ice Creams such as ‘Haagen Dasz’ and ‘Ben n Jerry’s’ price their Ice Creams at i?? 3. 79 because successful companies have spent a huge amount on advertising their product, so more and more customers are aware of their new products in the market and they would know what the taste would be so they would be willing to spend more for that specific company ice cream. For a 500ml portion and as a new product launch in the market I feel that we need to keep our prices a bit low compared to our competition.

If our prices are low at the beginning and they are a success though out then we can surely increase the price because I customers will be happy with out product and they would be willing to pay a bit more for it, however their can be some bad outcomes in a business, if the product is not a success then the production will go at a loss. So if we think that the product is priced low and minimum amount is spend to produce the Ice Cream then even if the product is not a success still the company will not get any loss because then Beechdean’s would have spent a minimum amount to create a luxury ice cream.

Promotion Beechdean’s is quite a small business overall with a maximum of twenty-five staff and Beechdean’s will not interested into offering big promotions as Beechdean’s is not a very large company and they do not have enough money. Beechdean’s can offer ‘Special Offers’ to their usual customers by giving them some sort of a voucher that gives them ‘10% off next purchase’ or ‘Buy one get second half price’ this would clearly depend on how much they are interested and how much do they usually buy because Beechdean’s cannot offer too much discount as they will loose out on some profit.

As Beechdean’s doesn’t do much advertising on the internet, bill posters, magazines, T. V. etc… I think a large bill poster near the High Wycombe (where Beechdean’s is located) will attract quite a lot of customers as they know Beechdean’s is superb ice cream company that is famous for producing luxury ice creams. I feel that Beechdean’s needs to add some sort of price range to their website, this will at least allow customers to know what Beechdean’s offers and at what price.

In near future if Beechdean’s does manage to make huge profits and they produce more new products and its they are in a huge success they should start spending money on advertising on local bill boars, newspapers, internet this will allow them to create an even bigger picture in the market. I feel that the more successive advertising Beechdean’s does they will get more and more profit. Place As Beechdean’s is a small company and they based in High Wycombe and they only have one branch (which is their usual store).

However they only distribute their Ice creams to well- known regional stores that are located nearby which are; ASDA’s, Waitrose and mostly farm stores. Beechdean’s cannot be located very easily they are based somewhere very far in the Buckinghamshire area, people that live around other areas cannot visit it very easily, just to purchase a portion of ice cream. Beechdean’s only does local delivery, which is also a disadvantage to customers which live far from the Beechdean’s company.

If Beechdean’s does quite a good job in the market, makes good sales on their ice creams they should start providing their ice creams to well known stores all across the UK. Conclusion: In conclusion I can say that the all this information provided above will help us carry out an excellent marketing proposal. The marketing objectives will help us provide what is the basic information to what is need in the market, and what keeps our customers happy.

Functional areas of the Business will give us the understanding of how work is carried out in a business; Who does what in the business? The marketing mix will tell us what is our product going to be, how much customers are willing to pay for it, what offers are needed ; when and finally where the product should sell. These are the key elements for Beechdean Dairies business; it will help us provide a perfect product for their business.

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