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Landscape gardeners use a variety of construction equipment, garden tools and machinery. They also use raw materials such as wood, stones and concrete Human Resources I will employ a fully skilled landscape gardener; this will help me to meet the goals for my business. The person that I will employ is some one that I already know. The person name is Abdee who has two years experience as landscape gardener and key skills in ICT. Abdee has also got a qualification in AVCE Business double award. Abdee will be working full-time.

I am the owner of A&A Garden services my name is Andrew, I have four years experience as a landscape gardener. My qualifications are AVCE Business double award I have good communication skills, good horticultural skills, and the ability to interpret and follow plans and drawings. I also have creative and organisational ability, and skills in making calculations are also important. Business skills are also very useful that I have for my business.

My personal qualities I have an interest in the environment, and I am self-motivated, patient and reliable. I also enjoy meeting and discussing plans with people. An eye for detail and an ability to plan ahead is also useful. Physical Requirements Both Landscape gardeners have a good level of fitness and a strong back. We both have to do a lot of hard physical work and repetitive tasks, such as pushing barrow loads of soil for long periods, especially if they deal with construction in particular.

Constraints In my business the partner is responsible for the debts of the partnership and therefore I have chosen the partner carefully and draw up an agreement on the responsibilities and rights of each partner known as a Deed of Partnership or The Articles of Partnership. Unlimited liability for the business debts and it is referred to as an unincorporated business this means that there is no legal difference between the business and the owner.

The main constraints of a partnership come from shared responsibility. Disputes can arise over decisions that have to be made, or about the effort one partner is putting into the firm compared with another. The distribution of profits can cause problems. The deed of partnership sets out who should get what, but if one partner feels another is not doing enough, there can be dissatisfaction. A partnership has unlimited liability. Taxation and insurance payments will also be paid by my business. I will pay Income tax this will affect my salary. National Insurance contributions towards payments, made by both the employee and me who pay for the cost of a state pension and the National Health Service. If this increases my company’s costs will be higher and could result in redundancies.

Quality level required and mean of achieving targeted quality I will be providing a high quality service, for my main product fences the way in which I will determine this is by visiting the supplier Cruse Hill Wood by observing and checking the raw material is suitable and meets the quality level required. When I visited Cruse Hill Wood I found that the quality of fences had been carried out by the supplier inspectors and workers to the standard of quality assurance. Cruse Hill Wood also met the standard for ISO 9000 and BS 5750 this shows that the supplier must high quality fences.

When working as a landscape gardener my experience tell me that quality is more important than price. Customer comes first in order to maintain customer satisfaction. For my business customers perception of the quality of my services is the most important factor in determining success.

I will use Total Quality Management this way I will aim for zero defects so I can satisfy my customers. I will be in charge for every job that goes to plan and I will make sure my worker carry out work to the ‘TQM’. ‘TQM’ will help to relies on a single fundamental principle that should really serve as the core mission of any business: Maximize productivity while minimizing costs, of course, when looking into what goes into the process it not always as easily transformed into reality.

I will seek to maintain ‘TQM’ by checking each job and making continuous improvements. It will make me think ‘TQM’ requires a new process thinking mindset. I must realize that everything I do is part of a process. Our focus shifts from managing outcomes to managing and improving processes; from what to do to how to do the processes better. Quality performance expands to include how well each part of the process works and the relationship of each part to the process. Also, process improvement focuses on continuously achieving the greatest potential benefit for our customers.

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