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Human Resources- In BSkyB the human resources department is responsible for: – Policy making- Establishing major polices that cover the place and importance of people whilst working at BskyB and on their property. They also make sure that these polices are kept by all the workforce Welfare role- Concerned with looking after the work force at BskyB by asking them what could be improved to make their work life more enjoyable e.t.c.

Supporting role- Concerned with helping other functional managers to do their jobs correctly and efficiently. Bargaining and negotiating role- Concerned with acting as an intermediary between different groups to help and aid them in any problems they might have. Educational and development role- Concerned with helping in the education and development of the workforce. This includes any training opportunities that may arise. This ties in with helping the company to offer a good service to their existing customers.

The management style of BskyB is Democratic. This is where agreement takes place amongst the board of Directors and the entire workforce. This is important to the business because this motivates people to a large degree because they know that they have a say in what the company does (small say in the case of the workforce) The results are that the workforce have a better morale and there fore should work to a higher level than if they didn’t. The democratic manager will need to have good overall understanding of the decisions that are being made, and will want regular feedback on results. However, they will be confident that empowered individuals and teams will use the responsibility given to them wisely. BskyB when looking at “the concern for people” and “concern for production” looks at the “Team” management style, which has high concerns for both people and their production. This gets things done and keeps everyone happy.

It is important to the managers because they will get many ideas about running the company some may be out of the question but there might be just a couple of ideas that the board of directors didn’t think of and could work also their workforce will be more motivated so their results shall be better and to a better degree of success. So this is very beneficial to the managers also they will feel comfortable allowing others to make decisions for them. It is important to the workforce because they are more motivated and they will become happier in what they are doing so therefore their loyalty towards the company will become greater.

It is important to the customers/clients because the people they will deal with within BskyB will always have a smile or be courteous whilst on the phone or meeting them face-face. This gives a good impression to the customers/clients and probably will not hesitate to use BskyB in the future.

The main culture of the business is mainly Role Culture. Role culture is very common among very large business. This is because their entire workforce will have very defined jobs of which they should carry out. BskyB is divided in to separate functions, which are listed above. This is because BskyB has a lot of workforce and by separating it into different hierarchical functions it makes whole process more efficient. Within the functions what people do at different levels is determined by job descriptions and defined communication procedures. In this culture the job description is just as important as the person who fills it, and performance over and above the role is not required. “Position” is the main source of power and “rules and procedures” are the main source of influence.


Executive Director Executive Director Non-Executive director Non Executive director Non Executive director Company Secretary Regional Managers Regional Managers Regional Managers It is important to the managers because they will know what task they have to do at what specific time so therefore they wont get side tracked by any other task they get given. They will also be able to tell their workforce what they need to do and when to expect it done by.

It is important to the workforce because as well as the manager they get given one task to do and when they complete it they will get another task this makes sure that they don’t get bogged down by any other task. It is important to the customers/clients because if they have any queries or anything in that nature they can be told specifically how sky can deal with their query.

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