Human resource policies

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Human resource policies are the structure of codified resolution prepared by the organization to encourage the administration workforce purposes, performance management, recruitment relations and resource scheduling within the organization. With this, there have been many contradictions of whether the policies stipulated by the organization really support the business strategy within the same organization (Blackburn, 2008, pp 189).

This tends to provide the organization with devices or methods in which they can use to supervise threat by staying alerted with in progress trends in recruitment principles and legislation. The policy also allows the organization to be able to arrange for nay training required for their employees at the organization as well as for the assessment of the performance standards of the employees. Business strategy is the stipulated framework that the organization uses to ensure that they attain their sustainable competitive advantages among its competitors.

It tries to establish the position of the organization, where they expect to be in given duration of time and the way in which they have to use to attain their goal. The paper is expected to look on the ways in which Sun Tzu and Robert McNamara says on the amount of support that human resource policies gives to the stipulation of business strategies in an organization. In this, the paper has to come up with a thesis to support the argument that will be verified later on. Thesis: The better the standard of the human resource policy the better the business strategy in a given organization.

It is then clear that, the level of the business stipulated by the organization will directly depend on the human resource policy within the organization. With this, thesis, the paper will look at the views from the two scientists and later on come up with the general judgment of whether the organization’s human resource policies supports its business strategy in one way or another. To carry out the argument more effectively, the paper will tend to look at the way in which each of the individuals in discussion says about the debate.

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