Human resource management

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While we move forward in these times, there are always ways in which to make improvements to our company. One key way brought forth by my colleagues to help improve the management of human resources within this company is under the direction of the Labor Relations division. There has been tabled the proposal that we set forth a meeting to be held every first week of the month and discuss all issues relating to labor relations.

This would include understanding where we stand on unionized relations, review workers compensations and benefits, as well as discuss incentive programs that might help to motivate employees. This change would help our business to know exactly where we stand when it comes to our employees’ ideas, needs, and monetary concerns, and hopefully through these meetings we can all come to an understanding, and through that understanding become an even better business as we move forth.

The second idea brought about by colleagues would be an improvement in the pay and benefits aspect of human resources. Proposed would be the idea that we set forth an allotted time for sick leave/personal leave or compensatory leave, especially for those who are serving our country through military or civil duties. Allowing this for our employees would ensure that they recognize that we see them as people, and not just mindless staff, encouraging them to care about us, the way we are trying to do for them.

Attached to this would be retirement benefits and health insurance, all things that keep the employees motivated to not only work hard for the company, but to work hard as they prepare for the future. This might force us to rework some budget factors, but the overall demeanor and morale of our staff would increase dramatically, helping to boost production. Attempting to add these two ideas to our normal way of thinking in this company might be a bit difficult, for some upper management this might mean restructuring our own pay, as we attempt to find room to take care of the entire staff.

Doing all this though, will help to relieve tension fou8nd between staff and management, and will attempt to bridge a gap between the two, showing that we are trying our best to provide a more than adequate work environment, while at the same time still keeping our minds open to new ideas. These steps are a key to becoming not just a business run by staff, but to becoming an institution, filled with people, working towards a common goal.

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