Human resource and Finance

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The Human Resource Department recruits in two different ways, 1. Internal recruitment This refers to the filling of job vacancies from within the business, where existing employees are selected rather than someone from outside. A business might decide that it already has the right people with the right skills to do job, particularly if its training and development programme has been affected. 2. External recruitment This refers to the filling of job vacancies from outside the business.

Most business engages in external recruitment regularly, particularly those that are growing strongly, or that operate in industries with higher staff turnover. John Lewis- The John Lewis Partnership might be able to give students the opportunity to gain work experience as part of their course, or simply earn money during your vacation through an Industrial or Vacation placement. Job advertisements and training schemes are on the John Lewis website. Job application for working in John Lewis can be done online. John Lewis is using its 2008 graduate recruitment process to recruit employee’s wanting to have a career in John Lewis.

It is a required to the employee to have a work permit or be able to work in the UK. A degree equivalent to a BA, BSc or higher and minimum of a GCSE in English and math’s equivalent to a C or above is required. It also uses its IT graduate scheme for people who want to join the IT section of John Lewis. John Lewis provides an excellent recruitment process; applications can be made through phone, email and also online application, the application is quick and easy to fill up and also quite straight forward without much confusion.

The requirements are quite reasonable which is asking only a few important and basic questions and some personal details giving almost anyone an opportunity to work for John Lewis; it uses a safe and secure website (WebSAF) for its online application. John Lewis also helps students to earn money over the holidays and also gain work experience as a part of their course. Training The Human resource department is also responsible for training the employees. Training enables employees to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude required to carry out work that is needed to meet an organisation’s objectives.

Training involves guiding or teaching someone to do something by providing them with a planned programme of exercises and activities. Training develops the skill and knowledge of employees to help them to do the employee’s jobs better, and prepares them for more demanding job in the future. Induction training is given to new employees. Its aim is to familiarize them with the organization and its rules. It can also be used to show the new employee particular job skills. Retraining is done because as time moves on, some jobs change or disappear. As a result the employees who previously did these jobs may need to retrain to do something else.

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