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On the18th February 2009, the human resource department at Singhealth gave us our assignment to address the shortage of administration staff in our company. We will focus on recruiting the position of administrative assistants at SingHealth. We will concentrate on the five methods. The methods are Job Analysis, Recruitment, Selection, Conclusion and the Contributions. These are the methods that we will be using in turn will help us to obtain workers with high knowledge, skills, abilities and fast efficiency in recruiting staffs.

Firstly we will be looking into job analysis method. Out of the six methods, we will be looking into two of them, group and structured questionnaire methods. We have obtained results of the job analysis methods based from job description and specification. The information obtained will be use to evaluate the job description and job specification. These documents are attached to the Appendices. The second assignment is to highlight the recruitment process that will be done through internet advertising and newspapers posting.

The third assignment would be the selection process where we would use the 8 steps of selection process to choose the most suitable applicant. The fourth assignment will be the summary of the conclusion regarding the report. The steps which have been used will be scaled down and would be reviewed. Last but not least we will be looking at each of the member’s contributions for the project. The different sections will be highlighted and brought to details throughout the report. Applications of job analysis on the 4 Human Resource functions

Watching whether the employees are handling their job professionally, doing things the correct way. We watch them through recorded videos from the surveillance camera. We can obtain first-hand knowledge and information about the job being done unlike other methods such as interviews or questionnaires where information is gathered indirectly. Direct Observation allows us to see and in some cases, experience the work environment, jobs done professionally and relationships between workers. Although job analysis may be of limited value, it is necessary to support to support personal actions.

A disadvantage with the direct observation method is that the presence observer/observing (cameras) may affect the employees causing them to alter (change) their normal work behavior. It is important for us to be unobtrusive in our observations. Employees may alter their work behavior if they know they are being observed. Refer to Appendix D. Allow the employees to record their daily essential functions and activities of a job in a diary or an organizer. Diary method requires the employees to record activities they are engaged in throughout a normal day.

Refer to Having an interview with the candidate face-to-face is a positive way to interact. The interviewee can be judged immediately and see if they are qualified enough for the position of a job. Although, individual interviews maybe a positive method, there are its disadvantages. For example, setting the interview and contacting the suitable candidates maybe troublesome. There is a possibility that the interviewer maybe biased to certain candidates. Certain areas regarding the work may not be stressed or forgotten to be brought up.

The manner the candidates express themselves may give the interviewer the wrong impressions. Having an interview with a group of candidates at a same time allows the interviewer to select multiple candidates who are qualified and capable for the position of a job. They may be interviewed by two or more people or company representatives simultaneously. Sometimes, one of the interviewers is given the task to ask “stress” questions to see how you respond under pressure. This way is for two or more company representatives to interview a group of candidates at the same time.

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