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Kindly take some of your valuable time to fill out the questionnaire. Thankful for your valuable time, Name Gender: IQ) Does your company organizes a trailing and development programmer? Yes Q) Does your organization Identify the trailing needs for employees? Yes Q) How oaten training programmer organized in your company? Quarterly Halt yearly Annually Every 2 years Q) How well do you participate in various training programmer being conducted in organization?

Highly Fairly well Not always Q) Training programmer help to improve the performance of employees and productivity of organization? Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Q) Do you agree that your company have well designed training policy? Strongly agree Q) Training programmer helps to increase your motivation? Q) Training programmer improved your confidence towards work? Yes No Q) Do you think training programmer are helpful to you in gaining new idea? Yes QUOI) Who in your opinion should give training?

Expert from outside Internal faculty Personal department Supervisors IQ 1) Training helps to red Yes cue stress at work? IQ 2) Is there any emphasis given on development of leadership skills through training programmer? Yes always Sometimes IQ 3) Does the training programmer help you in good decision making at your Jobs? Q) In your opinion which method of training is useful for your organization? On the job training Off the Job training IQ 5) How did the training programmer benefit you during your service?

Appreciation from superiors Improvement in work Quality enhancement Improvement in attitude IQ 6) Are you always motivated and looking forward for new training programmer after each programmer? Yes always IQ 7) On the whole how will you rate the training programmer being conducted in your organization? Very good Satisfactory Poor Very poor Q) Does the present system of training need any modification? If yes what are the suggestions to make future training programmer more effective? Thanking you,

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