How To Use Instagram For Your Business

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If you’ve been trying to promote your business using social media, you must have heard that Instagram has one of the highest engagement rates.

What is Instagram? It is a photo sharing social app where users share photos and videos. It is very popular among young people. Nowadays, almost every smartphone has a camera, and it’s easy to capture images.

However, Instagram is a mobile-only app and cannot be accessed on your laptop or desktop. It can only be accessed through a smartphone.

What makes this app so popular?

Let’s consider these facts below.

  • Instagram has over
  • 75% of them are outside the United States
  • Over 80 million photos are shared daily
  • It’s engagement rate of 4.2% is 150 times more than Facebook, and 120 times more than Twitter

How can your business benefit from this Social Network?

#1 Tell a story by using trending hashtags

Stories do sell on this social network just like anywhere else. However, stories are told using hashtags. Posts with hashtags receive far more engagement than ones without hashtags.

Many marketers  and use them in their posts. That’s one way to get your images trending quickly.

#2 Tag your posts with location

Posts tagged with location receive 79% more engagement that posts without location. Something as small as tagging your posts with location can significantly improve your engagement.

If you visit a restaurant for an office party, attend a seminar, or a meeting with a client, don’t just post a picture, tag it with a location.

Small tweak but big result!

#3 Consider advertising on Instagram

Sponsored posts on Instagram can give your posts that additional push. The cost of advertising on Instagram is still relatively cost effective compared to other social networks. Several case studies by brands have shown that ad recall is higher with sponsored posts.

#4 Engage with other posts

B2C marketers are spending more time on Instagram than on other social networks. The reason for that is because Instagram is a platform with high engagement rates, commenting, tagging, liking other people’s pictures integrates you within the community.

If you are trying to connect with your customers, start liking and commenting on their pictures and posts.

#5 Follow influencers

Big brands are now using influencers to promote their products, this is especially lucrative to lifestyle brands where their products can be photographed on influencers. Home design, fashion, and travel  brands can greatly benefit from influencers with a large following.

It’s always a nice idea to follow influencers and catch their attention. Just one mention of your brand by an influencer can greatly enhance your reach and influence.


Instagram has one of the highest engagement rates compared to most other popular social networks. If you are not on this network, now is a great time to start, especially if you are a B2C brand.

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