How To Make Entry Into Film Business

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No one understands this better in the southern film industry than people like Actor, Producer and Chairman of Clikcinecart, Jagapathi Babu who had done numerous auditions to casting directors, producers and production houses despite hailing from a production family.

There is a constant urge and hunger to find entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in experimental films and films that brings you commercial success. He says he is a standing example of this break as the director of the hugely popular film Legend found his new salt and pepper look apt for the role he played.

The challenge is to find your way to pitch for a position or gain an entry to fund a right film project or turn into a film entrepreneur, JB as he is known says, it is a daunting task for many. 

There is a constant struggle in the industry to find people that fit the movie Dasari Narayan Rao, well known producer and director in the southern film industry said recently. For one of his film he had to deal with 1000s of applications and auditions, sometimes it works and sometimes it is futile he says. So, there lies an opportunity for an entrepreneur to become a casting enterprise or a talent finding enterprise.

The industry ecosystem have greater role to play today by not only find the right investor who can back movie project, but also to involve in creating avenues to find new multi talented faces for the industry.

For instance, there are a number of promising producers who would like to invest in this entertainment industry, but they do not know, how to go about it, similarly there are artists, cinematographers, directors, musicians and singers too who find it extremely challenging to get into this industry.

There is a big lacuna that industry and many times it finds itself in a difficult situation to deal with. The best way forward for the film industry is to create an ecosystem or form a talent hub where they can find what they want in every talent and being able to solve issues that hurt the entire process of film making.

One such eco system was co-created by me and a team of film and IT experts, merely a month ago called (CCC) with intent to solve the problem the industry faces constantly. There was a need and so CCC could gather an overwhelming number of applications that included national award winning artists who are eager to collaborate with film makers one way or other.

Here are his tips to aspirants who want to make a foray into the industry

Trust your belief system: If your beliefs and faith in your abilities have always served you well, rely on them and chase them.

Drive the strength you possess: The strength to accomplish your goals comes from deep inside you. So go on deploy it to achieve success.

Jump over hurdles one at a time; do not have fear: The way to reach the top is daunting in the industry, attempt to handle each of the hurdle one at a time

Find a way and make it happen: I’ve always been the type of person who couldn’t rest until I found a way to make something happen. For example my rejuvenation happened once I turned myself to play the role of Antagonist from a protagonist and styled myself to present a salt and pepper look. If one door closes there is another one waiting to open for you.

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