How to Choose a Martial Art

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Self-defense is connoted as the measure, which helps in protecting oneself from any physical harm from the opponent. Martial art is a form of self defense which is mainly used for combating.

Before choosing any form of this art, a few points should be kept in mind

Firstly, what is the objective of learning-for health and fitness, or simply to upkeep tradition, which have existed for hundreds of years. There are many a styles to choose from.

Hard styles are Western Boxing or Muay Thai from Thailand. Semi-hard styles are Hapkido from Korea or Tae Kwon Do. Soft style traditional art are one of the many Kung Fu styles from China or Aikido from Japan. Soft style grappling / ground fighting art are Western Martial Arts from Europe and Jiu Jitsu (Brazil/ Japan).

The training methods differ from one form to another. Do determine your own physical and other limitations before learning any form. There is a possibility that the art that you wish to train for is not suited for your body type. Few of combating forms like karate and taek wondo are not suited for smaller frames, though most of the Chinese techniques are more focused on techniques and less on body types.

Kung- fu or wushu as it is called is a Chinese combating art form, which has originated some 4,000 years ago. It was essentially used for self protection, hunting and military techniques in ancient China. Basic training in wushu includes conditioning exercises that include stances, stretching meditation, throwing and striking.

For people in Bellevue who want to learn, the Kempo academy will help them achieve their goal. Besides, Bellevue academy is another center that is training its students both in Filipino techniques and taek wondo. Mark Goblowsky centre and Martial arts international are few other centers that are training in the same.

For those who are residing in Kent, Lionsway will solve their purpose. Apart from it, few other institutes like American 3d enterprises, Karate northwest and Goju karate center are imparting training in the same.

Centers providing training in Lynnwood are Kempo, YS Lee institute, Alderwood academy, Aikido Heiwa’s institute and Han’s world taekwondo.

For those residing in Seattle, Greenlake’s school, Alpha institute will end their search.

And finally, for people of Washington, Hung Tao Choi Mei kung fu academy, International Capoeira foundation and Aeikido schools of Ueshiba are the institutes, which will help them learn these forms.

As it is, martial art is not only required for self protection, it also helps in building stamina and endurance.

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