How the employees work look neater and presentable?

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After making the new system I feel, that though it is not perfect it is close to being perfect and after creating the worksheets in Excel for the users I feel that the workload on the employees has been reduced to a great extent and the human error, that had been the main cause for loss in the business, has also been reduced to a great extent. The work sheets have made the work of the employees easier as they do not have to go to the record room any more to search for old records as all the data has now been computerized and is stored on the computer itself.

The worksheets make the employees work look neater and presentable. There will not be any more calculation errors in the future as Ms Excel is very user friendly and has many help topics to help the employees to learn it’s many functions. The worksheets have helped the accounts department, as they have all the information stored on different workbooks on different worksheets. The employees are all satisfied as their work is simpler. First when I interviewed the general manager I asked him what are his feelings of the new system.

The general manager said that all the pay slips and other such forms were printed and so they were very neat and organized. The accountants were neat in their calculations and so when he went to see the financial status of the business he could read everything and the accountants didn’t have to rewrite the whole record again and this saved their time. Due to this the financial records of the business were kept properly. I then asked the general manager where wee these records kept.

The general manager said that the financial records were sorted out directly by the computer itself and were stored both on the computer and on the compact discs for back up and security reasons. The records were taken monthly and all the floppies and compact discs were then stored in the manager’s safe. He then said that the accountant’s calculation errors have been reduced as the business was improving because of the diminishing calculation errors. He also said that the work sheets were done in a methodical way so it was be easier for him to view.

The manager also said that he wanted the stock worksheet to have another column added, as he wanted some extra details on the sheet. He also wanted the worksheets to have a few pie charts so that it would be easier for him to view the data on charts as it was much easier than looking at the tables. I then went to interview the chief accountant. He said that he was making fewer mistakes in his calculations as the assistant accountants were doing their work on the computer in Excel they didn’t make any calculation errors and their values were correct and so when he created his work sheets based on their values the records were right.

Calculating the total sales is easier as the sales department gives the correct information and so the profits and losses are exact. Then he said that calculating the salaries of the employees was easier as the attendance sheets done by the secretary have the more than sufficient information for the salary calculation, the data given by the secretary was relevant and precise and the attendance sheet saved a lot of time as the work was neater and sorting out the data didn’t take too long.

I went to interview the Marketing manager and he said that no problems as the sales people did all the work on computers and so they did all the work in a organized way and so when it came to viewing the data it was neat and presentable and so the records of the sales transaction were in order and were and the profits of the business were not understated and so they arrived at the correct NET PROFIT at the end of the year. I then went to interview the official in charge of the warehouse employees. He said that there was no problem as the stock was now controlled in a more efficient and organized manner due to the introduction of computers.

Now when the showroom called and asked the employees if there was an item in stock then the worker had to just open Ms Excel and open the particular worksheet that has the information on the stock and see if the particular item wanted was in stock or not. As the stock was separated into stock available, stock purchased and stock sold the work was much easier as they didn’t have to look through different sheets, as they had all the information sorted out neatly in a organized form, and they didn’t have any delay in giving the showroom what information they wanted.

The purpose of my interviews is to help me evaluate the new system according to the satisfaction of the different users. I feel that the new system has helped the company to do their calculations more accurately and to be neater in their work. The interviews are meant to help me decide on what are the users feelings towards the new system. These interviews also are meant to help me get the users difficulties with the new system and it will help me to no what modifications I will have to do.

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