How Technolgy effects some in the work place

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This report covers four technologies that are used in the work place by Chris Banks and how it affects his working style. Chris Banks is a warehouse manager on a manufacturing site. The company that he works for has many sites across the world. His job is to control stock shipments between the sites and customers. I have highlighted below all the technologies Chris Banks uses regularly.

The intranet is a software programme that is similar to the Internet and is accessed via the Internet but is used within the company systems and is not available to people outside the company. It is a system that is sectioned off into different departments, these are Administration, engineering, information technology, sales and marketing and operations. Within the sections standard document would be filed these include such items like letterheads, forms, policies for health and safety and IT also customer details.

This is a big system that holds many filing cabinets of information. The intranet has changed the way that Chris works as he can now store and retrieve information in a central location which saves him a lot of time instead of having to look through filing cabinets. In the past this will have been done by phoning people, walking around the building or asking people if they know were the information can be found, wasting a lot time.

The overall effect is that Chris spends a lot of time on his computer and less time walking around looking for things. Chris is more confident that the information he is using is accurate and correct. The Intranet has been useful to Chris’s needs because the information stored centrally. Chris can now work to the same rules and regulations as the rest of the company. He can use the same forms as everybody else uses, there for everyone can understand the communication that he is sending.

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