How Shooting Works In The Biathlon

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The shooting periods that are used in a biathlon competition are important. A biathlete must be accurate when shooting at the targets in a match. This is so the biathlete can keep going and not have to worry about being penalized for missing anything. To get an idea of how this works, it helps to take a look at what materials go into the shooting event.

A shooting event will occur in a biathlon match during specific numbers of laps. The number of shooting stops in a match will be one less than that of the laps in the event. For instance, an event with five laps will use four shooting stops.

A biathlete will have to shoot in either a standing or prone position. The prone position refers to the shooter lying down. The standing position is where the person stands while shooting.

The size of the target that must be hit will vary according to the position that is being used. For prone shooting that target will be a mere 45 mm in diameter. For standing shooting the target will be 115 mm in diameter. All targets will be about fifty meters away from the shooter.

The rifle that will be used for the shooting is one that works with certain specifics. A .22 caliber rifle is going to be used here. This rifle, which should weigh 7.7 pounds, features a sight and bead for aiming. An arm sling will also have to be used with the rifle.

During each shooting stop, five targets will be used. In order to get back onto the course without any penalty the skier will have to get all five targets shot out. A target that has been successfully hit will go from black to white.

A specific lane will have to be used during the shooting as well. This will vary according to the type of game that is being played. In some cases the lanes will be on a first come first serve basis. Others will go to certain lanes according to the order that they come in or the number that they are wearing. The number of lanes on a course will be based on the number of people in the event.

The last thing to see about shooting deals with penalties that can occur when a target is missed. If a shooter misses a target, that person will have to take a penalty. In some cases the penalty will be one penalty lap that is 150 meters in length. In other cases it will be a time penalty that will go onto the end of one’s run. This will vary by each competition.

The shooting process in the biathlon is important. It is something that can truly make or break any biathlon race for any competitor. The stakes are high and the skills that are needed to be a success in this area of the sports will need to be ones that a user can feel good with.

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