How Romantic Comedies Have Adapted

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I am writing about the genre of ‘Romantic comedy’ this genre has been around for a very long time since the silent era and the storyline and expected endings to these have stayed the same until 2006 which was the release of ‘The Break Up’ starring Vince Vaughn and Friends star Jennifer Aniston which is devoted to lots of romantic comedies. The audience must be able to connect with, and relate to, the characters in a romantic comedy. They need to be likeable and down to earth, so that the audience support them.

Definition Romantic comedy is a hybrid genre of fiction, especially in motion pictures, in which a story about romance is presented in a comedic style. The romantic comedy genre is a genre that’s light-hearted, has a humorous plot and is centered on a love story that ends happily after numerous obstacles on their journey such as class difference, parental interference, a previous girlfriend or boyfriend. It can also be named under the terms ‘chick lit’ or ‘chick flick’ meaning primarily aimed at the female audience.

There are also twists to the relationship, including a period where it seems the relationship is over until the end when they reunite and are happy together. The two main lovers are usually likeable and young and meant for each other. There are also elements of screwball comedy these films usually feature clumsy situations, a combination of a boisterous form of comedy marked by chases, collisions, and crude practical jokes with fast-paced repartee, and a plot involving courtship and marriage or remarriage. marriage or remarriage.

Characters in most films we can divide characters into primary and secondary characters. The main characters are the protagonist(s) and antagonist(s) are the secondary characters which play an important role in any film. They allow for the main characters to interact with them which give us more information about these characters. They also help move the plot forward. Romantic Comedies have certain conventions which are expected of that genre and which the audience are comfortable with and know the kind of thing to expect from a rom com film, the most obvious one is the narrative.

A boy and a girl will meet, and for some reason, they will be torn apart. Throughout the film, they will realise that they are meant to be together, and try and back to each other. In the resolution of the film, although it might not be a happy on, the characters will meet again and work out went wrong between them. Then there is the soundtrack which Horror films tend to have a score, where music (e. g. orchestra) is used instead of songs.

In romcom’s, there will only usually be songs used the songs that are used in the film will usually be well known pop songs, so that the audience can recognise them easily. They must relate to the story being told in the film. The songs can even assist in the story-telling process. The majority of the film will have a happy tone/atmosphere, so the lighting will be used to reflect this. Romcom’s are less serious than other genres, and are designed primarily to entertain the audience.

There may be certain points in the film when a scene goes darker to mirror the tone, but this won’t happen very often. Romantic comedies are usually set in a big, well-known city. The most common place to set a romcom is America it would be in Brooklyn or New York City… It is a place that, even if people haven’t been there, they can picture. In a place like London/NY, there is always something going on, so it is easy to believe that the events in the film could happen.

The colours in the film is also very important The colour red represents love, sexuality, romance & passion. Pink also represents love and romance, also femininity. White represents innocence and purity, these are colours that would possibly be on the DVD cover to advertise the film or posters these are very Cliche & stereotypical colours on the idea of love. The Break Up is a very popular film which the storyline was a bid to keep their luxurious condo from their significant other, a couple’s break-up proceeds to get uglier and nastier by the moment.

But something shocked the audience when it came to watching the ending. Throughout the film the conventions were met and right at the end of the film the two protagonists bumped into each other and just smiled and then the end credits came on and shocked everyone as everyone didn’t think it was over and that there would be more to the film and that they would get back together as romcoms are ‘suppost’ to end happily, this showed people that you can still have a happy ending after a relationship.

I compared ‘The Break Up’ to Pretty woman (1990) the traditional way is for boy to meet girl and to end up together in the end and live happily ever after. But the break up ended in a different way and left people shocked as they wanted to get the ending that they are used to in the romantic comedy genre.

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