How do YouTube gaming channels get money?

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Answered by Jacquelline Hill

Apparently, everybody wants to make money with the favorite business, but what if your hobby is to play games, which seems to be an unprofitable occupation? One of the most obvious ways for getting earnings is to create your own YouTube gaming channel. Then a logical question arises – how much money does markiplier make? The main revenue from game channels, as well as from every YouTube video, is provided by advertising.
It is hard to determine the exact amount of earning due to adverts attached to the video, but first of all, it depends on the number of views because the more people watch it the more likely they will click on the ad. On average, it is possible to earn from $2 to $5 for a thousand of views. If you decided to be a markiplier, take into account that the game developer and the publisher have to permit you to make a video with game content.

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