How do Jane’s childhood experiences at Gateshead and Lowood help to form her character

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At Gateshead Jane is treated really harshly this in later life helps to form her character. She is sent to Lowood where she is also treated in the same way this helps her to except things easily and makes her learn to improve herself as a person. At Gateshead Jane is taught that she is of a low status pg 14 “am I a servant? No, you are less than a servant, for you do nothing for your keep. ” This quote clearly states that Jane is a lower status then a servant. Here Jane is taught she is no-one and never will be no-one as she doesn’t do anything to make herself known as someone.

At Gateshead Jane learns how to stick up for her and say what she feels freely without any fear. She tells her aunt what she thinks and feels she says to her pg 38 “I dislike you the worst of anybody in the world…… ” later on the adult Jane shows the same reaction with Mr Rochester its like she believes in saying the truth but the way she says is blatantly. pg 132 “do you think me handsome? She replies no sir” she replies not the kind of answer any other person would say rather someone else in her position would put it smoothly but for her its honesty. At Gateshead we see Jane miserable in her social exclusion in the reeds household.

She is kept apart from her cousin’s pg29 …… since my illness she had drawn a more marked line of separation between me and her own children”. The quote basically shows Jane had her own self to rely and no one but herself. But later on loneliness helps Jane as she decides to leave Lowood and explore the real world as she is aware that there is more beyond Lowood. pg 86 “………… I remembered that the real world was wide and that a varied filed of hopes ………… awaited those who had courage to go forth”. This proves that she has confidence in herself and independence.

At Lowood Jane receives a good hard education. g 85 “I had the means of an excellent education placed within my reach ………… I availed myself fully as the advantages offered me”. Due to this chance of education Jane is determined to learn and does. She becomes a teacher later on at her school then becomes a governess for a child named Adele. At Gateshead Jane believed you had a right to say what you wanted no matter who the person is. She was unable to control her anger also therefore say a lot of bad things. When Jane is named a liar by Mr. Brocklehurst Miss temple clears her name and as a result Jane becomes determined to change herself.

Pg 76″ thus relieved of a grievous load, I from that hour set to work a fresh resolved and pioneer my way through every difficulty”. This helps Jane realise that there indeed is a good side to her which gives her hope that she can become a good person. This also helps Jane realise that it’s not wrong to stick to your virtue and principles rather its better to. Like when she refuses to marry Mr Rochester the love of her life. Her self esteem helps her to turn down st. John’s offer of marriage. At Gateshead Jane is not treated as family by her rich relatives but like un outsider to be precise even worse.

She learns that poverty isn’t a sin she says when she arrives at Thornfeild “I have never lived amongst fine people but once and I was very miserable”. Jane’s childhood helped her be honest, a strong woman and a virtuous person. She has strong belief of women’s rights and she is feminist when she leaves Rochester and refuses to accompany St John. Jane is able to live without a companion. Today if people were aware of what Jane had was going through her childhood she would’ve been taken away from her aunt and would been kept by a better family or foster home. But during the 19th century these types of services where not around.

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