Hospital Industry Development and Investment in China

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At the same time, various social capital flows to the Chinese capital market by self-establishment, mergers and acquisitions (including participation in the restructuring of public hospitals), Joint ventures, associates and other forms, which boosts the expansion of private hospitals. As of the end of 2013, Chinese private hospitals had accounted for 45. 8% of the total Chinese hospitals, increasing by 24. 5 percentage points compared with 2006. However, from the point of view of revenue structure, public hospitals still took a dominant position with the proportion of over 90%, but the figure shows a decreasing trend now.

In the private hospital investment boom, specialized hospitals involved with small investment, high returns and strong market demand have become a hotshot for social capital. Currently, the proportion of Chinese specialized hospitals in private hospitals reaches about 65%. Specialized hospitals in huge demand, such as dental hospitals, ophthalmic hospitals, plastic surgery & cosmetic hospitals, even achieve the profit margins

Targeting medium and high-end medical markets, foreign-funded enterprises mainly adopt cooperative operation, equity participation, Joint ventures (under the lead of foreign investors) and other approaches to develop business in China, such as Chinned United Family Hospital and Parkway Piñata. United Family Hospital had covered Beijing, Shanghai, Wax, Guanos and Tannin by the end of June 2014, and its hospitals in Ginning and Guanos are under construction. The report highlights the followings: China hospital industry market overview: number of hospitals of all sorts, operation, status quo of medical service, competition pattern, etc.

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