Horse Racing – Different Breeds Of Horses Involved

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There are a variety of breeds of horses involved in horse racing which have different types of muscle structure. The various breeds of the racing horses have evolved and adapted in a manner that they have different types of muscle fibers the strength of which also varies from one breed to another. There is a great deal of power and speed exhibited by these breeds of horses that have fast twitch fibers or Type II b fibers. This is because these fibres allow easy contraction of the muscles and thus they can definitely work for a longer period of time.

Greater endurance also results from these muscle fibres. The other types of fibres are responsible for extending both endurance and speed to a particular breed. These types of fibres are generally a balance between the different fast twitch and slow twitch fibres. The muscles that are absolutely necessary for aerobic exercise are the Type I muscle fibres and the muscle fibres that are important for anaerobic exercise are Type II muscle fibres.

There are several breeds and depending upon the techniques with which these horses have been bred, they will have particular types of muscle fibres. The three founding sires which are responsible for Thoroughbred races are Godolphin, Arabian and Byerly Turk. The names of these sires have been kept after their respective owners. Their respective breeds were developed when the mating of these horses was done with the different racing mares in the geographical region of England. Black, brown, gray, chestnut and bay have been recognized as the most prevalent races of Thoroughbred.

The different races of Thoroughbreds range in terms of height and they are generally measured in hands. There are different races that range in from 15 hands to 17 hands. The different races of Thoroughbred are known to travel at fast paces in order to cover medium distances. While doing so, a balance between speed and endurance is generally required. The thoroughbred races of horses are known to possess the muscle fibres of Type IIa. These are greater than those compared with Arabian and Quarter Horse. Thus, these types of horses are able to propel themselves in a manner such that they can travel at faster speeds. This feature allows them to maintain an extended distance.

Another type of race that is prevalent in the sport of horse racing is the Arabian horse. These horses were typically bred in order to create certain types which were particularly targeted to have a higher stamina. The use of this race of horses is generally made in case of endurance racing. These types of horses are generally able to withstand long distances at a moderate pace. The type of muscle fibres that are generally found to be abundant in this race of horse are the Type I fibres. Thus, because of the specific trait of these fibres, it allows the different muscles to work for an extended period of time. Additionally, the muscle fibres of the Arabian horses are such that these horses can travel distances which are longer and that too at higher speeds.

Yet another race of horses is Quarter race. This type of horse was recognized to be more prevalent in America; however, these had Spanish origin.

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